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Vietnamese Restaurants in Fitzroy

Fitzroy is known for many things – street art, migrants, multiculturality, and a hipster lifestyle that appreciates veganism and the kinder things in life. If we had one recommendation to get a sense of place about Fitzroy, try out the multicultural cuisines. For this post, however, we’re going to focus on Vietnamese restaurants in Fitzroy and the cultural wealth behind it!

Vietnamese restaurants in Fitzroy add yet another charming element to our neighborhood – and a yummy one at that 😊. Many Vietnamese Australians appreciate the Aussie lifestyle, but feel closer to their roots by cooking regional dishes from their ancestral birthplace.

Below, we’ll dive a bit into the culture behind popular dishes at Vietnamese restaurants in Fitzroy, followed by a description of the most popular Vietnamese dishes in Australia. At the bottom we include a list of the best Vietnamese restaurants in Fitzroy compiled by local feedback. There are literally a dozen delicious spots, so try out a few places by delivery before settling on your favorite!


vietnamese__3065_Pho Basil Leaf

Pho Basil Leaf

Vietnamese, Pho,

369 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

  • Pho Basil Leaf Phone number03 9417 3311
  • Pho Basil Leaf Email
vietnamese__3065_Viet Rose

Viet Rose


363 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

  • Viet Rose Phone number03 9417 7415
vietnamese__3065_Coconut Palms

Coconut Palms


183 Smith Street, Fitzroy

  • Coconut Palms Phone number03 9419 6429
vietnamese__3065_East Meets West

East Meets West

Chinese, Malaysian,,Vietnamese,Noodles

406 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

  • East Meets West Phone number03 9417 6880
vietnamese__3065_Fina's Vegetarian Cafe

Fina's Vegetarian Cafe

Vietnamese, Vegetarian, Vegan,

339 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

  • Fina's Vegetarian Cafe Phone number03 9415 6765
  • Fina's Vegetarian Cafe Email

Exploring Vietnamese Restaurants in Fitzroy

Young Australians now identify with Vietnamese cuisine in a simple way; it is not only delicious but beautiful for pictures! Aussie’s new obsession with Vietnamese food led us to become obsessed with instagram photos. Ridiculous, but also fascinating! Those from Fitzroy celebrate multiculturality, so it’s probably a compliment to the delicious bites Banh Mi offer.

Just remember the cultural roots many of these delicious Vietnamese dishes come from. It’s a testament to their cultural grit that so many found a living cooking at Vietnamese restaurants in neighborhoods like Fitzroy.

With access to all the fresh meats and herbs they need to balance and texture their dishes, locals cannot go wrong with a delivery from one of the Vietnamese restaurants in Fitzroy. If you are unsure of Vietnamese and what to order, read below to get a tasty primer on the most popular Vietnamese cuisine options for Aussies 😊.


vietnamese__3065_Madame Saigon

Madame Saigon


263 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

  • Madame Saigon Phone number03 9419 1919
  • Madame Saigon Email
vietnamese__3065_Pho Fitzroy Duyen Duyen

Pho Fitzroy Duyen Duyen


58 Johnston Street, Fitzroy

  • Pho Fitzroy Duyen Duyen Phone number03 8597 0948
vietnamese__3065_Saigon Street Eats

Saigon Street Eats

Vietnamese, Pho,

52 Johnston Street, Fitzroy

  • Saigon Street Eats Phone number
vietnamese__3065_Sen Storm Noodle Bar & Grill

Sen Storm Noodle Bar & Grill

Vietnamese, Contemporary,,Vietnamese

293-295 Smith Street, Fitzroy

  • Sen Storm Noodle Bar & Grill Phone number03 9419 2130
  • Sen Storm Noodle Bar & Grill Email
vietnamese__3065_Vinh Long 2

Vinh Long 2

Vietnamese, Chinese,

183 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

  • Vinh Long 2 Phone number03 9416 4832

What to Order: A Guide to Vietnamese Cuisine in Melbourne


One of the heartiest soups on the planet. Made from animal bone broth simmered for hours, the thinly-sliced choice of meat literally cooks in the hot broth, creating a fresh, delicious experience every single time! It is hailed as an incredibly affordable dish and its fascinating origins in the Aussie heartland can be read about here. Enjoy Pho, it’s combination of noodles, meat, bone broth, and bean sprouts with basil… incredible.

Banh Mi

Perfect as an on-the-go meal, dozens of Vietnamese restaurants in Melbourne market these dishes as affordable street food during the day. With marinated meats, onions, coriander seasoning, cucumber, carrots, and chili, these sandwiches the Vietnamese answer to a Philly Cheesesteak - just a lot less messy.

Bun Cha

The angel hair-thin vermicelli noodles combine so well with the marinated and grilled Vietnamese meats, the herbs on the side provide a final aftertaste of perfection. Bun cha provides a Vietnamese twist on the noodle dish, and the marinated meats at Vietnamese restaurants in Melbourne hit the mark for chewy tenderness.

Remember – these are only some of the dishes available – if you see something similar, go ahead and ask the chef! They’ll be happy to explain the dish to you.

List of the Best Vietnamese Restaurants in Fitzroy

Here it is – our list of the most delicious Vietnamese restaurants in Fitzroy. Known for their hearty, filling taste and affordable cost, we highly recommend trying some Pho for lunch or dinner tonight. Cheers to our Vietnamese Australian kin – thanks for the culinary delights 😊

1. Viet Rose Vietnamese Restaurant

2. Madame Saigon Vietnamese Restaurant

3. Pho Fitzroy

4. VH Vietnamese Hot Bread

5. Coconut Palms

6. Basil Leaf Pho

7. Fina’s Vegan Restaurant Fitzroy

8. Sen Storm Noodle Bar & Grill

9. East Meets West Vietnamese Restaurant

10. Auntie Mai’s

11. Saigon Street Eats

12. Vinh Long 2 Restaurant


vietnamese__3065_Auntie Mai's

Auntie Mai's

Vietnamese, Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food,

96 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy

  • Auntie Mai's Phone number03 9417 2616
  • Auntie Mai's Email

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