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Vietnamese Restaurants in Collingwood

There are few dishes more hearty and fulfilling than an extra large bowl of PHO with some fresh spring rolls on the side. Luckily enough, the Vietnamese Restaurants in Collingwood deliver just that culinary touch for you. A perfect combination of savory and zesty Vietnamese dishes are perfect whenever in the mood for delicious, highly nutritious bone broth.

QIKI Cuisine will provide a walkthrough of the Vietnamese Restaurants in Collingwood, starting with QIKI Cuisine Check – a brief review of what ingredients and preparation methods make Vietnamese food so yummy. After that, drop down to our QIKI Cuisine Check, where we list some of our favorite local specialties from the Vietnamese restaurants in Collingwood. Finally, learn more about Melbourne’s culinary heart and character with our QIKI History.


vietnamese__3066_HM Cafe

HM Cafe

Bakery, Vietnamese, Coffee and Tea,

388 Smith Street, Collingwood

  • HM Cafe Phone number03 8529 9642
  • HM Cafe Email
vietnamese__3066_N. Lee Bakery Cafe

N. Lee Bakery Cafe

Bakery, Vietnamese, Sandwich,

220 Smith Street, Collingwood

  • N. Lee Bakery Cafe Phone number03 9419 9732


Vietnamese, Street Food, Asian Fusion,

194 Smith Street, Collingwood

  • Xeom Phone number03 9417 6969
  • Xeom Email

Worldwide Pho: QIKI Cuisine Check of Vietnamese Tastes & Flavors

The signature dish of Vietnamese restaurants in Collingwood is an ingenious creation borne from the struggle of Vietnamese people at the hands of French imperialism colonizers. Left with little to eat, the Vietnamese people made something from seemingly nothing. They would simmer animal bones for hours to create broth so savory and rich, it may be the most flavorful you ever taste. Instead of having premium cuts like sirloin available, animal tendons, tripe, and brisket cuts were tossed in. Now, with all cuts of meat available, PHO is an example of human ingenuity in the culinary world.

Served with basil, lemon, and beat sprouts, you can add texture, zest, and a depth of flavor. Get an extra large bowl of Pho with some spring rolls on the side if you never have before; we couldn’t recommend it enough! And the Vietnamese restaurants in Collingwood are the perfect place to start.


How to Pick the Perfect Vietnamese Restaurants in Collingwood for You

1. Pho with Choice of Beef, Chicken, Pork, or Veggie

Made in a rich and fragrant broth, the Pho made at Vietnamese Restaurants in Collingwood is totally vegan. Still, somehow, it attains a level of savory umami that may even surpass bone broth in taste. The noodles and beef melt in the hot broth, giving you the freshest-tasting dish you’ve had in weeks!

2. Street Sticks

The Vietnamese restaurants in Collingwood also serve street food. With that comes the perfectly mobile, perfectly delicious “street sticks.”. These guys can come with satay chicken, grilled pork, beef, or even sugarcane prawns. Damn. How good does that taste? Visit your local Vietnamese restaurant in Collingwood for a savory sampling.

3. Paper Rice Spring Rolls

Made fresh, these guys can come packed with tofu and avocado, served with hoisin dipping sauce on the side. You have to try the combination of the rice paper melting in your mouth with the mix of ingredients you pick. We love the tofu and avocado because each bite just dissolves into culinary greatness as you bite into it.

The Door is Always Ajar: QIKI History of Vietnamese Restaurants in Collingwood

Vietnamese immigrants did not have an easy time leaving their war-torn country in the 70s. The journeys were arduous, and so traumatic, many still don’t speak of it to this day.

Fortunately, Victoria has commissioned the first Vietnamese history museum in Australia. If you try Pho and love it, it would be truly meaningful for you to visit the building halls, and learn an important piece of Aussie history. Many of these Vietnamese immigrants are now citizens, starting business and enriching the Melbourne community at large.


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