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Vegetarian Restaurants in Northcote

The culinary times are changing. Even though Australia is proud of its world-leading meat industry, more and more Melbourne residents are adopting partial or full vegan diets. We at QIKI Cuisine believe switching to one vegetarian meal a day is good for anyone and everyone. Get some insight below into how the vegetarian restaurants in Northcote can provide the culinary inspiration for you to make the switch. We promise, the dishes are absolutely delicious. We wouldn’t promote the food otherwise!


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The Hub 3070

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58a Victoria Road, Northcote

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85 High Street, Northcote

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QIKI Cuisine Check: How to Pick the Perfect Vegetarian Restaurants in Northcote for You

When picking the right vegetarian restaurant in Northcote for you, it helps to know what makes a delicious meat-free dish. Because chefs cannot use the fats, complex carbs, and natural flavors from a meat base, extracting maximum flavor from every ingredient is of paramount importance.

Vary Your Sources of Protein

A good vegan dish brings together several kinds of proteins, such as chickpeas and rice, and slow roasted veggies like mushrooms and tomatoes. The slow roasting process not only helps with the texture of the food; it gives the heat a chance to pull out every ounce of taste from fresh ingredients.

Bring in the Saucy, Chewy Delights

Additionally, you’ll want chewy, well-sauced additions to replace the sensation of chewing meat. This fact is one of the reasons tofu is such a great meat-replacement ingredient. It’s firm yet silky texture is incredible when fried and flavored with soy sauce. Many vegetarians just starting off find this one of the best vegetarian dishes to make at home: tofu sauteed in sesame oil and soy sauce. Serve that over a bed of rice, and you’ll start giving the vegetarian restaurants in Northcote a run for their money!

The Multicultural Character of Vegetarian Restaurants in Northcote

Probably the most amazing part of the vegetarian restaurants in Northcote (besides their mastery of umami flavoring) is how multicultural vegan eating has become. You can find vegetarian-friendly dishes atre every kind of dining establishment, from Ethiopian to Italian to Mexican to Southeast Asian. Make sure you don’t limit your options, and always ask the restaurants to point out their vegetarian options. You would be surprised how many places cater to the vegan palate!


QIKI History: How Vegetarianism has Brought Some Extra Shine to Aussie Shores

Recent findings by marketing research team Roy Morgan found nearly 3 million Aussies eat a partial or full vegetarian diet now. The trend appears to be growing by about 100,00 Aussies a year. And we can totally see why. Shifting to a more plant-based diet has gotten an odd bit of stigma from mainstream culture. Sure, the jokes over wanting a good steak are funny for five seconds, but many can relate to this simple fact: becoming a vegetarian does not have to happen overnight.

You can order from the vegetarian restaurants in Northcote to get your start. By blending in an all-veggie meal with your normal diet, you will begin to notice the immediate benefits: a “lighter” sense of physical being, satiation, weight-loss, and most important of all…. A better variety of yummy taste. Having one vegetarian meal a day to start will simply make your meat-based dishes taste that much better. After you really start to fall in love with vegetarian options, you can expand your veggie life from there. Start with one vegetarian meal a day, voraciously tear into meat the other two meals, and see where your diet takes you. Follow your nose to the secrets of umami heaven.


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