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Vegetarian Restaurants in Carlton

The common refrain that, “I don’t eat vegetarian because it tastes bad!” is so hacky and dated these days. With the high quality veggie restaurants in Carlton, vegetarian meals vary up how you hit your taste buds. If you have meat pies for a week straight, is the one on the seventh day really as good as the one on the first? Really? No! You need to vary up your meals, and vegetarian restaurants in Carlton can provide you a savory meal that stimulates your energy as much as your appetite!


vegetarian__3053_Green Man's Arms

Green Man's Arms

Pub Food, Vegetarian, Vegan,

418 Lygon Street, Carlton

  • Green Man's Arms Phone number03 9347 7419
  • Green Man's Arms Email
vegetarian__3053_Mantra Lounge

Mantra Lounge

Vegan, Vegetarian,

167 Grattan Street, Carlton

  • Mantra Lounge Phone number03 9036 2996
vegetarian__3053_Shakahari Vegetarian

Shakahari Vegetarian

Vegetarian, Fusion, Asian,

203 Faraday Street, Carlton

  • Shakahari Vegetarian Phone number03 9347 3848
  • Shakahari Vegetarian Email

QIKI Cuisine Check: How to Pick the Perfect Vegetarian Restaurant in Carlton for You

Umami – The Key to Gourmet Vegetarian

To make it simple, umami is the key to giving vegetarian dishes a wholly authentic and deep flavor profile. So the question becomes… what is umami?

Glad you asked! Umami is actually the fifth basic taste aside from the following: sweet, sour, salty, and spicy. The taste sensation is activated on a molecular level with the amino acid glutamate coming out when roasting veggies or adding ingredients like soy sauce or tomato paste to your meal.

When foods high in glutamate are roasted, fried, sauteed, fermented, or grilled, the glutamate breaks down into a “free form”, enhancing the overall flavor profile of the dish. As a result, “umami” emerges as a rich, savory, wholesome flavor in dishes like the following example: pasta sautéed with garlic, onion, mushrooms, and sun-dried tomatoes. The sauteed veggies all add “umami” flavor, but the mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes are staples of the savory taste. It will amaze you how flavorful veggie dishes with tomatoes and mushrooms turn out. Why do you think we love pizza with red sauce and mushrooms on top? It’s full of that umami! Umami is the taste that gives you a warm feeling in your belly, leaving you ready for another yummy bite.

Without meat dominating and masking all nuances of the meal, vegetarian dishes have a much greater chance to give you a delicious meal you’ve wanted for a long time, but never quite knew how to describe. Many people are ready to enjoy savory flavors from their dish’s herbs, spices, veggies (e.g. – tomatoes, mushrooms, garlic, onion), fruit, and nuts. However, they don’t realize that the meat is actually blunting the dish’s flavor by overpowering it with salt. Remember, there are 4 other senses of taste to take care of. Read more about the amazing story of umami here.


How is “Vegetarian” different from “Vegan”? Honestly Why Does Anyone Care?

The only difference between vegans and vegetarians is that vegetarians are a little looser with their restrictions. They can eat foods with dairy products like cheese and eggs, but they avoid anything that involves the killing of an animal for their sustenance. Both are admirable lifestyle choices, both run in the same crowds, and both diets are honored by the vegan restaurants in Carlton. Definitely check them out.

QIKI Primer: Local Specialties from Vegetarian Restaurants in Carlton

Homemade Gnocchi

Just because you’re a vegetarian doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy carbs. Gnocchi are little potato dumplings combined with ricotta cheese, egg, and flour mashed together. An incredible texture, these little guys are topped with a sauce of your choice. Avoid any meat extras, and you have an incredibly savory vegetarian dish. The umami comes from the red sauce and aromatics in this one!

Pommes Frites

These hand cut potatoes are amazing and come with chipotle aioli and tomato sauce on the side for dipping. The perfect appetizer at a vegetarian restaurant in Carlton.

Vegetarian Spring Rolls with Tofu soup

Thai restaurants double as vegetarian restaurants in Carlton. Check out veggie spring rolls with tofu soup. They are warm, delicious, perfectly wrapped, drenched in umami, and the perfect complement to a bowl of soup. We recommend this meal on a rainy day to warm your spirits!


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