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Vegan Culture & Cuisine in Melbourne

The vegan food scene in Melbourne is just one more quietly terrific quality of the city. Even though Australia operates the world’s best meat industry, we are now the 3rd fastest-growing vegan market in the world. The delicious vegan restaurants in Melbourne show how Aussie demand for vegan options has steadily increased the past 20 years.

Now, over two million Australians identify as Vegan or Vegetarian, establishing a nice duality between our humane meat industry and the respect Melbourne locals have for vegan dishes.


vegan__3000_Crossways Food For Life

Crossways Food For Life

Indian, Vegetarian, Vegan,

The Walk Arcade, Melbourne

  • Crossways Food For Life Phone number03 9650 2939
  • Crossways Food For Life Email
vegan__3000_Gong De Lin

Gong De Lin

Asian, Chinese, Vegetarian,,Asian, Chinese, Vegetarian, Vegan

Level 3, 264 Swanston Street, Melbourne

  • Gong De Lin Phone number03 9663 7878
  • Gong De Lin Email


Indian, Healthy Food, Vegetarian,

139 Swanston Street, Melbourne, CBD

  • Gopal's Phone number03 9650 1578
  • Gopal's Email
vegan__3000_Om Vegetarian

Om Vegetarian

Indian, Vegetarian,

Level 1, 28 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne, CBD

  • Om Vegetarian Phone number03 9671 3513
  • Om Vegetarian Email
vegan__3000_The Organic Food & Wine Deli

The Organic Food & Wine Deli

Vegetarian, Vegan, Coffee and Tea,

28 Degraves Street, Melbourne, CBD

  • The Organic Food & Wine Deli Phone number03 9654 5157
  • The Organic Food & Wine Deli Email

Exploring Vegan Culture and Cuisine in Melbourne

Clinical studies have been released that prove a simple point: plant-based diets are really good for you. These aren’t our words: doctors have concluded vegan diets provide “Robust support about the beneficial effects of a plant based diet on metabolic functions and heart health”.

Many Aussies have also opted for a diet plan that involves cutting back meat to one or two days a week. We recommend trying something like this purely for fun and see if any yummy veggie options stick after a month or two. You honestly might as well, the vegan restaurants in Melbourne are world-class and very tasty.


Secrets to Vegan Food in Melbourne: A Breakdown

The secret to the tasty vegan food in Melbourne is our restaurants don’t try to mimic meat-based flavors. Instead, the veggies and herbs are roasted, fried, and seared in a manner that brings out their own vibrant taste. In fact, if you love exquisite “plating” of a dish, Vegan restaurants in Melbourne deliver on presentation as much as they do on unique flavor.

Another secret is to embrace the multicultural selection – delicious plant-based diets adapt to every culture, giving you tasty vegan flavors from around the world!


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