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Vegan Restaurants in Carlton

Melbourne is a city of true culinary diversity. While Aussies take pride in their ethical, world-class meat industry, the vegan/vegetarian movement has officially reached the Outback’s shores. Vegan-only restaurants in Carlton have begun popping up, but more importantly, every major restaurant in the suburb has added “vegan options”. With nearly 3 million vegan Aussies, having meat-free alternatives is key for these establishments to draw in more customers. Who knows? Maybe your next meal will inspire you to be vegan too!


vegan__3053_Green Man's Arms

Green Man's Arms

Pub Food, Vegetarian, Vegan,

418 Lygon Street, Carlton

  • Green Man's Arms Phone number03 9347 7419
  • Green Man's Arms Email
vegan__3053_Mantra Lounge

Mantra Lounge

Vegan, Vegetarian,

167 Grattan Street, Carlton

  • Mantra Lounge Phone number03 9036 2996

QIKI Cuisine Check: How to Pick the Perfect Vegan Restaurant in Carlton for You

For those of you new to vegan and vegetarian options, you may wonder how the dish gets any flavor without a meat base. You would be surprised, but almost everything we eat has animal product flavoring in it. From bone broths to steak and potatoes, much of the flavor from these dishes comes from the base meat and other parts of the animal. Without it, one might wonder how a dish becomes savory or hearty.

On the other side, vegan and veggie dishes derive flavor from delicious foods like mushrooms and tomatoes. Add in salt, toasted nuts, savory spices, and delectable sauces - you will have an amazing dish flavored completely without meat. With that said, it takes a little more cooking skill to pull the flavors from these nutritious ingredients – the vegan restaurants in Carlton can handle that for you.


The key to giving vegan dishes their savory flavor is the “umami”. Umami is actually the fifth basic taste (alongside sweet, bitter, salty, and sour). Enhancing taste at the molecular level with glutamate amino acids, umami is that savory “meaty” flavor us Aussies love in a good lamb shoulder or pork roast. This, friends, is the key to making any vegan meal as savory as your favorite meat dish.

Read more about the incredible flavoring effects of umami here! Dried mushrooms, bouillon from nutritional yeast, sun-dried tomatoes, tomato paste, and ketchup are all key sources of umami. Why do you think fries with ketchup is so damn delicious? It’s the umami, mate! Open yourself up to this whole new set of tastes and flavors at the vegan restaurants in Carlton.


QIKI Primer: Local Specialties from the Vegan Restaurants in Carlton

Green Man’s Greenburger

Made from pea protein (dense and delicious this veggie burger comes with onion, Japanese BBQ sauce, yuzu pickled cucumbers, and served with pomme frittes, this is the Renaissance Man and Woman’s lunch. What an incredible creation of vegan delights – for real! The balance of flavors in this burger are impressive, being everything a regular burger is and more! Check out at the vegan restaurants in Carlton.

Avocado Toast

For breakfast, local vegan restaurants in Carlton have espresso and avocado toast to go. Packed with nutrients and good carbs to get your day off on the right foot, avocado toast is actually an example of a perfect breakfast. Don’t feel “stuck up” because you like it – enjoy avocado toast on the go like a bohemian! Comes with lemon zest, olive oil, and micro-herbs scattered throughout the perfectly-crisped sourdough bread.

Mantra Bowl

One of the best vegan options is to get a mixed “bowl”, hot or cold, that combines different rice varieties, quinoa, lentils, and veggies together to create the perfect savory flavor of umami. Plant protein can change your life – read more about that here. All available at your local vegan restaurants in Carlton.


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