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Thai Restaurants in Northcote

The incredible growth of Thai-Australian immigration the past 10-15 years has fueled the tangy culinary delights of the Thai restaurants in Northcote. Many Aussies appreciate the delicious take these establishments have on traditional stir fry and curry dishes. You can find out below all the secrets to Thai cooking.


thai__3070_Inthanon Thai

Inthanon Thai

Asian, Thai,

182 High street, Northcote

  • Inthanon Thai Phone number03 9489 4970
  • Inthanon Thai Email
thai__3070_Narai Thai

Narai Thai

Asian, Thai,

214 St Georges Road, Northcote

  • Narai Thai Phone number03 9482 3637
thai__3070_Sukhothai Restaurant

Sukhothai Restaurant

Asian, Thai,

490 High Street, Northcote

  • Sukhothai Restaurant Phone number03 9489 5551
  • Sukhothai Restaurant Email
thai__3070_Thai Tiki Hut

Thai Tiki Hut


571 High Street, Northcote

  • Thai Tiki Hut Phone number03 9489 1171

QIKI Cuisine Check: How to Pick the Perfect Thai Restaurant in Northcote for You

To get started some of the base ingredients used in Thai cooking include the following: garlic, coconut milk, vinegar, rice base, rice noodles and more.

The sauces combine savory umami from fish/oyster sauce with a tangy sour flavor from the tamarind. It also gets a sweet boost from granulated brown sugar melted into the jus. This perfect balance of saucy flavor is combined with multiple textures in a Thai dish. You get to pick many of these additions, including choice of noodles, meats, and veggies - as well as unique ingredient twists like diced peanuts!

If not a noodle-based dish, many curries and incredible dinners from Thai restaurants in Northcote use a rice base, stacking on top flavorful sauces (e.g. – soy sauce, fish sauce, oyster sauce), with steamed veggies like carrots and cabbage served to round out the entrée’s flavor profile.

Another defining ingredient of many Thai dishes, including their curries, is coconut oil or milk. If you have gotten sick of olive-oil based dishes it is time to visit one of the delectable Thai restaurants in Northcote. It will refresh your 10,000 taste buds 10,000 times over.


QIKI Primer: Local Specialties from the Thai Restaurants in Northcote

1. Pad Thai

Thin rice noodle fried in our homemade sauce with egg, tofu, crushed peanut, spring onion, chilli and bean shoots.

2. Pad See-Ew

Thick rice noodle, egg, sweet soy sauce, pepper, broccoli, carrot and cabbage.

3. Por Pia Duck

Homemade Thai spring roll with roasted duck breast, carrot, cabbage served with sweet and sour sauce. A specialty from the Thai restaurants in Northcote.

4. Goong Hom Pla

Deep fried marinated king prawns in puff pastry served with sweet & sour sauce.

5. Beef Salad

Grilled beef salad with Thai herbs, cucumber, cherry tomato, grounded rice, lemon juice and chilli.

6. Gang Keow Warn Curry w/ Chicken, Beef, Pork, or Prawns

Authentic Thai green curry cooked in coconut milk and vegetables.

7. Tom Yum Soup w/ Chicken, Prawn, or Veggies

Prepared with lemongrass, galanga, chilli, herbs, spices and fresh coriander. Has strong hot and sour flavors with traditional Thai spices and herbs added for depth of taste. Fish sauce brings a savory sensation of “umami” to the entire dish.

QIKI History: How Thai-Aussies Are Breaking the Chains of Thai Oppression

With groups like the Australian Alliance for Democracy fighting everyday, many Thai-Aussies express a true gratitude for the opportunities afforded in metropolitan cities like Melbourne. Many Thai subsisted under a brutal, monarchical regime in Thailand. Coming here, they may find the ostentatiousness of our politics silly, but they appreciate the freedoms a democratic system affords us in Australia.

Many Thai-Aussies were inspired by the recent uprising against this brutal regime hurting the people of their ancestral homeland. Others supported the royal monarchy, loving the symbolism of decorum it sent to the international community. It is a complex issue, but hopefully just knowing about it can give you a richer, deeper appreciation of the history behind Thai restaurants in Northcote.


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