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Thai Restaurants in Melbourne

Ever since its restrictive immigration laws relaxed in the 70s, Australia has seen a steady increase in immigrants from all global regions - but Southeast Asia has especially contributed to Aussie population growth. That’s why so many delicious Vietnamese, Malaysian, and Thai restaurants have popped up around Melbourne!

As with many incredible ethnic cuisines within the city, the culinary influence Thais have on Melbourne is outsized compared to its actual population. In fact, just within walking distance of the CBD, there are literally a dozen delicious Thai Restaurants in Melbourne worth making regular orders to.


thai__3000_1000 Wat

1000 Wat


Emporium Melbourne, Lower Ground, 287 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

  • 1000 Wat Phone number03 8609 8173
thai__3000_@Siam Thai Restaurant

@Siam Thai Restaurant


165A Bourke Street, Melbourne

  • @Siam Thai Restaurant Phone number03 9662 2218
  • @Siam Thai Restaurant Email
thai__3000_@t Ease - Easy Thai

@t Ease - Easy Thai

Asian, Thai,Thai,

195 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

  • @t Ease - Easy Thai Phone number03 9639 6492
thai__3000_Asia Unique

Asia Unique

Thai, Asian,Vietnamese, Thai,

Paramount Centre, Ground Level, Shop 5, 108 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne

  • Asia Unique Phone number03 9037 4559
  • Asia Unique Email
thai__3000_Bangkok Jam

Bangkok Jam

Thai, Asian,Thai,

107 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne

  • Bangkok Jam Phone number03 9639 3968
  • Bangkok Jam Email

Secrets to Perfect Thai Food: Thai Cuisine in Melbourne

Here are a few secrets of quality Thai food so you can judge the flavor of your dish from the right perspective. Remember, while the dishes revolve around stir fries, soups, and curries, there are numerous variations each Thai restaurant in Melbourne uses!


thai__3000_Chin Chin

Chin Chin

Thai,,Thai, Asian Fusion

125 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, CBD

  • Chin Chin Phone number03 8663 2000
  • Chin Chin Email
thai__3000_Dodee Paidang

Dodee Paidang


Basement, 353 Equitable Place, Melbourne

  • Dodee Paidang Phone number03 9602 4968
  • Dodee Paidang Email
thai__3000_Isan Soul

Isan Soul

Malaysian, Thai, Cantonese,,Thai

98 Bourke Street, Melbourne, CBD

  • Isan Soul Phone number03 9654 0606
  • Isan Soul Email
thai__3000_Jing Jai Thai

Jing Jai Thai


271-273 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, CBD

  • Jing Jai Thai Phone number03 9662 2080
thai__3000_Jiyu Thai Hot Pot 集渔泰式海鲜火锅

Jiyu Thai Hot Pot 集渔泰式海鲜火锅


208 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne, CBD

  • Jiyu Thai Hot Pot 集渔泰式海鲜火锅 Phone number03 9639 3669
  • Jiyu Thai Hot Pot 集渔泰式海鲜火锅 Email

Thai Stir Fry

Thai stir fry is driven by its delicious tamarind sauce and unique variations. For example pad Thai and pad see ewe have become cultural ambassadors for Thailand – people from San Diego to Australia enjoy a nice bowl of Pad Thai!

Thai Soups

Thai soups, like all authentic stews, starts with a strong base: either animal bones boiled for perfect bone broth or quality oils like coconut paired maybe with ginger.


Using fresh ingredients like green spur chilies, and Australia’s world-class meat industry, Thai style curries are simply delectable. The curry pastes mix and flavor your choices of meat, creating a saucy dish that you can lick the plate clean with. When fresh ingredients and the sauces, sugar, salt, and lime are well-balanced, a Thai curry from Melbourne is hard to beat. We highly recommend ordering one to try it out!

Thai menu specials

There is so much variety at these restaurants, you have to check each establishment’s menu to get an idea of the dozens of dishes offered. It can be overwhelming, so try to focus on the three categories above, and simply ask about how their dishes differ. The menus should list ingredients, so order away when ready!


thai__3000_Lost Angel Bar & Restaurant

Lost Angel Bar & Restaurant

Hot Pot, Thai,

285 Spring Street, Melbourne

  • Lost Angel Bar & Restaurant Phone number03 9041 6745
  • Lost Angel Bar & Restaurant Email
thai__3000_Me Dee

Me Dee

Asian, Thai,Thai,

Paramount Centre, Ground Level, Shop 2/108 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne

  • Me Dee Phone number03 9973 3498
thai__3000_Miss Siam Melbourne

Miss Siam Melbourne

Thai, Asian,

Shop 1B, 568 Collins Street, Melbourne, CBD

  • Miss Siam Melbourne Phone number03 9620 2399
  • Miss Siam Melbourne Email
thai__3000_Mr. Nice Guy

Mr. Nice Guy

Thai, Asian, Fusion,Thai,

10 Healeys Lane, Melbourne

  • Mr. Nice Guy Phone number03 9973 1761
  • Mr. Nice Guy Email
thai__3000_Nana Thai Style Hotpot & BBQ

Nana Thai Style Hotpot & BBQ


169 Bourke Street, Melbourne

  • Nana Thai Style Hotpot & BBQ Phone number0452 645 165
  • Nana Thai Style Hotpot & BBQ Email

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