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Thai Restaurants in Fitzroy

All along Brunswick Street in Fitzroy, high quality Thai restaurants line the city streets, helping light up the Melbourne skyline! With Fitzroy known as a bastion of ethnic diversity with a multicultural flavor, Thai restaurants have found great success in the neighborhood. Some hold a near-perfect 5 star rating among locals! Thai street food can easily be picked up or delivered, making them a perfect takeaway option for modern times.

We will briefly describe what flavors make Thai food in Fitzroy such a satisfying choice for lunch or dinner. At the bottom, check out our list of the best Thai restaurants in Fitzroy. Each one is vetted for quality, ensuring a quality culinary experience. Read below to find out more about the secrets of great Thai food!




Thai, Burmese,

353 Smith Street, Fitzroy

  • BuuB-Bub Phone number03 9419 9666
thai__3065_Madame K's Vegetarian

Madame K's Vegetarian

Thai, Vegetarian, Vegan,,Vegetarian

367 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

  • Madame K's Vegetarian Phone number03 9415 6099,0451 166 421
  • Madame K's Vegetarian Email
thai__3065_N & J Thai Cafe

N & J Thai Cafe


261A Smith Street, Fitzroy

  • N & J Thai Cafe Phone number03 9419 8151
  • N & J Thai Cafe Email
thai__3065_Noi Thai

Noi Thai

Asian, Thai,

205 Smith Street, Fitzroy

  • Noi Thai Phone number03 9042 3448
thai__3065_Patee Thai

Patee Thai

Thai, Asian,

373 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

  • Patee Thai Phone number(03) 9419 6618
  • Patee Thai Email

Secrets to Perfect Thai: Thai Cuisine in Fitzroy

As with every ethnic cuisine offered in Fitzroy, Thai restaurants have secret sauces and flavors that bring out the best in their national dishes. This Michelin chef gives a nice description of why Thai dishes like Pad Thai and Pad See Ewe have become so popular worldwide:

The sauce. It’s a blend of three fundamental flavours -- sweet from sugar, sour from tamarind, and spicy heat from seasonings. Then there are the noodles; they have to be tender, tempting you to take a bite. Every ingredient must be fresh, and it’s important to know how to control the heat as you stir fry. Combining all these components for delicious phad thai is a science.

Below, we will give a tasty primer on the foundational dishes of the Thai restaurants in Fitzroy. That way, you wont get lost in the dozens of incredible variations our local Thai chefs cook up! Whether stir fry, soup, curry, or wok-fried specialties, keep reading to understand how Aussies Thai food became a national love affair 😊


thai__3065_Rice Paper Scissors

Rice Paper Scissors

Asian, Chinese, Dumplings,

307 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

  • Rice Paper Scissors Phone number03 9486 0066
  • Rice Paper Scissors Email
thai__3065_Thai Thani

Thai Thani

Thai,,Thai, Noodles

293 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

  • Thai Thani Phone number03 9417 7416
thai__3068_Khao Mai

Khao Mai

Thai, Vegetarian, Vegan,

356 St. George Street, Fitzroy North

  • Khao Mai Phone number03 9042 7568
thai__3068_Panna Thai

Panna Thai


244-246 St Georges Road, Fitzroy North

  • Panna Thai Phone number03 9489 8107
Thai Stir Fry

If you’ve ever had rice or noodles fried with some veggies and meat, you’ve had stir fry. Here’s the big secret – Thai Stir Fry uses a full-tasting, delicious tamarind sauced to give their stir fries a wholly unique flavor! It marries to the noodles and rice as well as Italian red sauce does to pasta. It just has, obviously, a completely different flavor that keeps your palate refreshed and happy 😊

Thai Soups

If you learn one thing about quality Thai soups from this blog, let it be this: all great Thai soup (and soup in general), starts with homemade bone broth or freshly blended ingredients. The Thai soups available in Fitzroy usually center around perfect animal bone broth or some coconut oil base; both are delicious and perfect for takeaway!

Thai Curries

The best part of Thai curries is they must be made with fresh ingredients. Fortunately, Thai restaurants in Fitzroy follow this rule, using fresh chilies and roots to flavor their curry dishes. Combined with Australia’s world class meat options, these flavored curries are bound to be hearty, belly-warming, and nutritious. Perfect for takeaway and easy to reheat 😊

Local Thai Specialties:

For local specialty dishes, many Thai street food vendors offer wok-fried options. Wok-fried pork belly with garlic, basil, veggies, and lemongrass is available if you want it! That’s just some examples of local Thai specialties, so make sure to check the menus!

Additionally, Thai restaurants in Fitzroy have so many delicious sauces and dressings, their salads remain a great vegan option. Made with fresh veggies, herbs and garnished wraps, vegetarians will rejoice at how expertly Thai chefs mix the flavor of herbs, greens, nuts, and sauce for one perfect Thai salad!

List of Best Thai Restaurants in Fitzroy

While concise, these are, by consensus, the best Thai Restaurants in Fitzroy. Check the menu links below! Dishes come in a variety of sauces: oyster, ginger, soy, tamarind, yellow curry, and even Kekhong BBQ 😊

1. Noi Thai

2. Madame K’s Vegetarian

3. Rice Paper Scissors

4. Panna Thai

5. Khao Mai Thai

6. Thai Thani


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