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Steak Restaurants in Northcote

The steak industry is a strong one for the Aussies. Naturally the steak restaurants in Northcote benefit from these incredible cuts, serving everything from wagyu to ribeye to a full rack of beef short ribs. It is always worth asking the steak restaurants in Northcote if they know the source of their grass-fed livelihood. We take honoring these animals seriously, so putting a bit of thought towards how your steak is made could go a long way.


steak__3070_Albion Charles

Albion Charles

Pub Food,

2 Charles Street, Northcote

  • Albion Charles Phone number03 9482 5033
  • Albion Charles Email
steak__3070_Estelle Bistro

Estelle Bistro


243 High Street, Northcote

  • Estelle Bistro Phone number03 9489 4609
  • Estelle Bistro Email


Greek,,Greek, Seafood

308 High Street, Northcote

  • Laiko Phone number03 9489 0218
  • Laiko Email
steak__3070_Northcote Social Club

Northcote Social Club

Pub Food,

301 High Street, Northcote

  • Northcote Social Club Phone number03 9489 3917
  • Northcote Social Club Email
steak__3070_Peacock Inn Hotel

Peacock Inn Hotel

Pub Food, Modern Australian,

210 High Street, Northcote

  • Peacock Inn Hotel Phone number03 9481 3100
  • Peacock Inn Hotel Email

QIKI Cuisine Check: How to Pick the Perfect Steak Restaurant in Northcote for You

While most steakhouses in Northcote will have a European flair to them (e.g. – French, Italian, Spanish, Mediterranean, etc…), other cuisines serve delicious cuts as well. Japanese steak bistros in Northcote serve wagyu and kobe beef meat cuts that are the most savory, textured dishes you will ever try!

Some of the European-inspired steak restaurants in Northcote serve absolutely exquisite cuts of meat. Usually dressed in a buttery garlic sauce, a light cream sauce, or some kind of red wine reduction, the steaks are perfectly seared on the outside and cooked to your preference on the inside.

Paired with veggies like roasted eggplant, radish, and toasted zucchini, the steaks can also be served with a side of chips, fries, and fingerling or mashed potatoes. Some even throw in zesty ingredients like pomegranates or something citrusy to bring a vibrant “bite” to the dish. We also would highly recommend steak dishes where mushrooms are featured prominently; their textured consistency is a great compliement to a good steak.

Check out our favorite dishes from the steak restaurants in Northcote below!


steak__3070_Red Door Corner Store

Red Door Corner Store

Modern Australian, Cafe Food,

70 Mitchell Street, Northcote

  • Red Door Corner Store Phone number03 9489 8040
  • Red Door Corner Store Email
steak__3070_Wesley Anne

Wesley Anne

Modern Australian, Pub Food,

250 High Street, Northcote

  • Wesley Anne Phone number03 9482 1333
  • Wesley Anne Email

QIKI Primer: Local Specialties from the Steak Restaurants in Northcote

1. Kangaroo Fillet

Seared, delicious, and ethically-sustainable, the kangaroo fillet from steak restaurants in Northcote has gotten rave reviews. It comes with herb-crusted kipfler potatoes, seasonal greens & is served in a red wine jus.

2. Grass-Fed Ribeye, Rump, or Porterhouse Filet

Served with a side of potato aioli, these dry-aged steaks are delicious with the garlicky potato melding everything together. The creamy, savory flavor or the potato aioli brings to life the texture of the dry aged steak, made tender through months of care.

3. BBQ Beef Kebab

These beef cuts come with lettuce, tomato, onion, garlic, and BBQ sauce. Perfect for on-the-go steak eaters. Check the local kebab/steak restaurants in Northcote to find these hidden culinary gems!

QIKI History

QIKI Cuisine is big on animal ethics and environmental sustainability, so we find implementing best practices in meat-eating of the highest culinary priority. With that said, understand that the “ethical” labels you see on food are deliberately misleading. It is no one person’s fault, but now you know how obfuscated a picture the meat industry may try to paint. Make sure to look out for these labels on your meat cuts – they are of the highest standard of care and animal welfare:

1) ACO (Australian Certified Organic)

2) Humane Choice/Pasture Proof


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