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Steak Restaurants in Fitzroy

Although Fitzroy is known more for its alleyway street art than its steaks, there are still mouth-watering steak restaurants in the cozy suburb. If you are browsing for food choices but your mind just cannot “get off the steak,” we understand 😊.

There might be a cultural reason you can’t think of anything but some quality steak and taters - Australia is known as the carnivore capital of the world! Eating three times as much meat as the global average, Aussie steakhouses & butchers serve the highest quality cuts on the planet – we mean that literally. Not only did an Aussie steakhouse win the 2019 World Steak Challenge, but over 40 cuts that made the entry list! There are steak restaurants in Fitzroy near or at the quality of these cuts – check our master list below to get some ideas!


steak__3065_Archie's All Day

Archie's All Day

Contemporary, Australian,

189 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy

  • Archie's All Day Phone number03 9417 0066
  • Archie's All Day Email
steak__3065_Birmingham Hotel

Birmingham Hotel

Pub Food,

333 Smith Street, Fitzroy

  • Birmingham Hotel Phone number03 9417 2706
  • Birmingham Hotel Email
steak__3065_Bon Ap'

Bon Ap'

French,,Pub Food, Modern Australian

193 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

  • Bon Ap' Phone number03 9415 9450
  • Bon Ap' Email
steak__3065_Builders Arms Hotel Bar and Bistro

Builders Arms Hotel Bar and Bistro

Pub Food, Modern Australian, Roast,

211 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy

  • Builders Arms Hotel Bar and Bistro Phone number03 9417 7700
  • Builders Arms Hotel Bar and Bistro Email
steak__3065_Cutler & Co

Cutler & Co

Modern Australian,

55-57 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy

  • Cutler & Co Phone number03 9419 4888
  • Cutler & Co Email

World Class: What Makes Steak Restaurants in Fitzroy so Special

Simply put, perfectly cooked meats are a big deal in Melbourne. The aroma of garlic and onion searing with olive oil and grass-fed wagyu is just… wars are fought over this stuff, people.

Aside from their world-class reputation, Steak restaurants in Fitzroy should give its hipster residents another reason to rejoice: livestock in Australia is treated more humanely than anywhere else on the planet. Cattle have miles of roaming space per farm, leading the lazy, grazing lifestyle they biologically desire before, quite bluntly, they sacrifice themselves for our well-being. You can guarantee every premium cut from a Steakhouse in Fitzroy was as well, if not better, than anywhere else on the planet.

Not every meal has to call for some arcane ritual, but it is important to acknowledge the special place cattle livestock have in Aussie culture & life. Say a little blessing for the livestock next time you eat a premium angus steak from a steakhouse in Fitzroy – remember it comes from cattle under the Aussie’s care!

Because of the optimal climate and land conditions, Australia’s grass-fed cattle has become the world’s envy. Seeing as the average Aussie eats meat at 3 times the global average, it seems fortunate we are home to the greatest meat cuts on the earth. Cows get the size of a football stadium to themselves just for grazing, making very happy cattle in the process! The care Aussies take in raising these animals is the foundation of why steak cuts from our city are so well-known.

Fun fact – ButcherBox has a special editorial explaining why they moved their entire global butchery operations to Australia. The temperate climate year-round makes grazing possible even during winter months, while the incredible open space gives cows a truly “pasture-raised” experience. That way, the cows are relaxed and unstressed during their life, instead of feeling like some helpless creature on a conveyor belt. ButcherBox readily admits that, “By nature, the Australian beef industry has major advantages over the American beef system.”


steak__3065_Fitzroy Town Hall Hotel

Fitzroy Town Hall Hotel

Modern Australian, Staek, Pub Food,

166 Johnston Street, Fitzroy

  • Fitzroy Town Hall Hotel Phone number03 9416 5055
  • Fitzroy Town Hall Hotel Email
steak__3065_Naked For Satan

Naked For Satan

Bar Food,

285 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

  • Naked For Satan Phone number03 9416 2238
  • Naked For Satan Email
steak__3065_Napier Hotel

Napier Hotel

Pub Food, Modern Australian,

210 Napier Street, Fitzroy

  • Napier Hotel Phone number03 9419 4240
steak__3065_Rainbow Hotel

Rainbow Hotel

Pub Food, Bar Food,

27 St David Street, Fitzroy

  • Rainbow Hotel Phone number03 9419 4193
  • Rainbow Hotel Email
steak__3065_Sparrow's Philly Cheesesteaks

Sparrow's Philly Cheesesteaks

American, Steak,

30-32 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy

  • Sparrow's Philly Cheesesteaks Phone number0401 078 470
  • Sparrow's Philly Cheesesteaks Email

List of the Best Steak Restaurants in Fitzroy

Now that you know why the steaks are so delicious and flavorful in Australia, it is time to list the best Steak Restaurants in Fitzroy. Below is our local-approved catalogue of places within the Fitzroy suburb that deliver high-quality cuts every time!

Special Note: We know some of these places seem expensive for daily delivery. Find the best deals, call to ask about delivery options, and keep an eye on local pubs re-opening. They are the best options for cheap, affordable cuts other steakhouses do not offer. For any sort of splurging or special occasion, go with one of the 5 star options below:

The Birmingham Hotel

A great local pub – check their takeaway menu in the link above to see if their angus burgers whet your appetite!


Doesn’t look to be delivering, but we recommend going here as soon as the lockdown is lifted. Use the link above to call and check on takeaway services!

Charcoal Lane

Not quite traditional meats, try the slow cooked Wallaby Shank if you’re feeling some traditional Aussie tucker.

Bon Ap’ Petit Bistro

French by trade, this regal steakhouse is delivering! Try the incredible porterhouse steak, sauteed in green beans, shallots, and button mushrooms. Make sure to ask for their spiced butter!


Serves amazing Cheesesteaks – worth going to after a big hike or exhausting day. Truly grade A comfort food. Try the sweet pepper steak for a mouth-water experience!


steak__3065_St Andrews Hotel

St Andrews Hotel

Pub Food, Modern Australian,

128 Nicholson Street, Fitzroy

  • St Andrews Hotel Phone number03 9417 2817
  • St Andrews Hotel Email
steak__3065_The Catfish

The Catfish

Bar Food,

30 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy

  • The Catfish Phone number03 9417 6420
  • The Catfish Email
steak__3065_The Fitzroy Beer Garden

The Fitzroy Beer Garden

Pub Food,

243-245 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy

  • The Fitzroy Beer Garden Phone number03 9416 2689
  • The Fitzroy Beer Garden Email
steak__3065_The Provincial Hotel

The Provincial Hotel

Bar Food, Modern Australian, American,

299 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

  • The Provincial Hotel Phone number03 9810 0042
  • The Provincial Hotel Email
steak__3065_The Rose Fitzroy

The Rose Fitzroy

Pub Food,

406 Napier Street, Fitzroy

  • The Rose Fitzroy Phone number03 9417 3626

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