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Steak Restaurants in Collingwood

Every now and then, nothing tastes better than a sizzling steak next to some mashed potatoes. And of all the places in the world to get a high-quality, delicious, nutritious cut of prime meat, the steak restaurants in Collingwood are some of the best in the city. Sourcing the world’s finest meats from Australia’s famed pastures, the meat served at steak restaurants in Collingwood is ethically raised and held to the highest standard for quality inspection.

As such, QIKI Cuisine will provide a deeper look at steak restaurants in Collingwood, starting with a cuisine check. Here, we’ll review the base ingredients and flavors that give steak restaurants in Collingwood their distinct, unique taste. From there, check out our QIKI primer, where we list some of the best local specialties from your favorite steak restaurants in Collingwood. Finally, at the bottom, enjoy a little QIKI history, where we explore how us Aussies came to produce some of the highest quality cuts in the world.


steak__3066_Aka Siro

Aka Siro


106, Cambridge Street, Collingwood

  • Aka Siro Phone number03 9417 0886
steak__3066_Bendigo Hotel

Bendigo Hotel

Burger, Pub Food,

125 Johnston Street, Collingwood

  • Bendigo Hotel Phone number03 9417 3415
  • Bendigo Hotel Email
steak__3066_Grace Darling Hotel

Grace Darling Hotel

European, Australian,

114 Smith Street, Collingwood

  • Grace Darling Hotel Phone number03 9416 0055
  • Grace Darling Hotel Email



300 Smith Street, Collingwood

  • Lupo Phone number03 9419 2202
  • Lupo Email
steak__3066_Prince Patrick Hotel

Prince Patrick Hotel

Bar Food, Modern Australian, Pub Food,

135 Victoria Parade, Collingwood

  • Prince Patrick Hotel Phone number03 9416 1455
  • Prince Patrick Hotel Email

QIKI Cuisine Check: How to Pick the Perfect Steak Restaurant in Collingwood for You

Steak restaurants in Collingwood serve all kinds of cuts: brisket, rib-eye, wagyu, burger, pork, lamb, and even kangaroo! Seared in butter and topped with salt and pepper, these dishes are mouth-watering and deliciously tender. Some meats also come with garlic and onion flavorings slathered in BBQ sauce.

To pick the perfect steak restaurant in Collingwood for you, decide if you want an elegant “sit-down” experience for a special occasion or a bar scene with lively atmospheres and delicious food. Some of the establishments are certainly fine-dining, and the flavors will be rich, balanced, and fulfilling. The bar food may not be of the same quality, but on a night out with mates, or an evening staying in ordering takeaway, chances are it will be the perfect fit!


steak__3066_Robert Burns Hotel

Robert Burns Hotel

Modern Australian, Pub Food,

376 Smith Street, Collingwood

  • Robert Burns Hotel Phone number03 9417 2233
  • Robert Burns Hotel Email
steak__3066_Stomping Ground Beer Hall

Stomping Ground Beer Hall

Modern Australian, Bar Food,

100 Gipps Street, Collingwood

  • Stomping Ground Beer Hall Phone number03 9415 1944
  • Stomping Ground Beer Hall Email
steak__3066_The Fox Hotel

The Fox Hotel

Pub Food, Modern Australian,

351 Wellington Street, Collingwood

  • The Fox Hotel Phone number03 9416 4957
  • The Fox Hotel Email
steak__3066_The Gem

The Gem

Pub Food, American, BBQ,

289 Wellington Street, Collingwood

  • The Gem Phone number03 9419 5170
  • The Gem Email
steak__3066_The Noble Experiment

The Noble Experiment

Modern Australian, Bar Food,

284 Smith Street, Collingwood

  • The Noble Experiment Phone number03 9416 0058
  • The Noble Experiment Email

QIKI Primer: What Cut Would you Like?

Jack’s Creek Beef Brisket

Rich in flavor, shredded in texture, and marinated perfectly, this BBQ-style beef brisket will melt in your mouth. Get with a side of mac n’ cheese and mashed potatoes to have one of the heartiest, most filling meals of your life! Available at the local steak restaurants in Collingwood.

Wagyu Intercostal with café de paris butter

Woah. Let’s start with the café de paris butter here first: it’s made of Dijon mustard, Worcestershire sauce, parmesan cheese, and lemon zest. Throw in a few aromatics and herbs on top, and this is not your ordinary butter. It’s a cooking base that will dissolve into your wagyu steak, giving you succulent meat cuts every bite. The wagyu intercostal comes from rib meat, making it lean and tender – the perfect cut! Check local steak restaurants in Collingwood for this delicious treat. Ask what goes into the café de paris butter to hear what you’ve been missing.

BBQ Braised Beef Rib

A classic rack of ribs, this delicious tucker is slow-braised while being tossed with sauteed mushrooms and crispy potato coins… oh boy. We’re making ourselves a bit hungry here. Mix with a delicious martini and some fries to have the perfect night out at a BBQ-style bar with friends. Check out the steak restaurants and bars in Collingwood for a variety of culinary options and colorful atmospheres!

QIKI History: How Australia Became The World’s Most

If you check out the websites for different steak restaurants in Collingwood, you will notice many proudly display a sticker that their meat comes from ethically-sourced animals. This is one case you can trust the advertising! Australia is amazing for many reasons (we’re our own continent!), but the incredible green pastures are verdant year-round. Combined with perfect weather almost 365 days a year, and raising livestock in Australia is truly one of the best places for animals to grow up in. We understand the ethical concerns with meat, and we at QIKI cuisine agree that how you treat animals reflects on your society as a whole. We are proud of the steak restaurants in Collingwood for standing up for these important rights. If you are curious or have a passion for animal rights and fighting cruelty of the sort, check out this link for a guide to ethical meat eating here. As always, cheers from your friends at QIKI cuisine!


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