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Spanish Culture & Cuisine in Melbourne

It is truly wild to recognize how far Australian cuisine has come in the last 30 years. Ever since the 70s, when Aussies finally loosened immigration laws, an incredible influx of cuisine has changed Melbourne’s landscape for the better. Spanish culture and cuisine share in this experience, being numbered only in the hundreds until Australia and Spain forged a migration agreement in the late 50s. Now, some of the best paella outside of Spain is found right at the Spanish restaurants in Melbourne.


spanish__3000_Bar Clara

Bar Clara

Bar Food, Finger Food, Tapas,

Basement, 87 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne, CBD

  • Bar Clara Phone numberNot available for this place
  • Bar Clara Email
spanish__3000_Bar Lourinh�

Bar Lourinh�

Spanish, Tapas,

37 Little Collins Street, Melbourne

  • Bar Lourinh� Phone number03 9663 7890
spanish__3000_Bar Nacional

Bar Nacional

Spanish, Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food,

Collins Square, Tower 1, 727 Collins Street, Melbourne

  • Bar Nacional Phone number03 9252 7999
  • Bar Nacional Email addressCONTACT@BARNACIONAL.COM.AU
spanish__3000_Bar Tini

Bar Tini

Spanish, Tapas,

3-5 Hosier Lane, Melbourne

  • Bar Tini Phone number03 9663 3038
  • Bar Tini Email
spanish__3000_Bomba Rooftop

Bomba Rooftop

Bar Food, Tapas,

103 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne, CBD

  • Bomba Rooftop Phone number03 9077 0451
  • Bomba Rooftop Email

Exploring Spanish Culture & Cuisine in Melbourne

While the Spanish never became a dominant majority in numbers, it is beautiful to see how the thousands of Spaniards that came over brought with them paella and tapas. Both are a fixture in Aussie culture, with plenty of groups calling tapas and beer the best way to celebrate a night out. There are plenty of Spanish restaurants in Melbourne that specialize in just that kind of night.


spanish__3000_El Rincon

El Rincon

Spanish, Bar Food, Cafe Food,

Queen Victoria Market, 69 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne

  • El Rincon Phone number0450 902 222
  • El Rincon Email
spanish__3000_MoVida Aqui

MoVida Aqui

Spanish, Tapas,

The Court, Level 1, 500 Bourke Street, Melbourne

  • MoVida Aqui Phone number03 9663 3038
  • MoVida Aqui Email
spanish__3000_MoVida Bar De Tapas

MoVida Bar De Tapas

Spanish, Tapas,

1 Hosier Lane, Melbourne

  • MoVida Bar De Tapas Phone number03 9663 3038
  • MoVida Bar De Tapas Email
spanish__3000_MoVida Next Door

MoVida Next Door

Spanish, Tapas,

164 Flinders Street, Melbourne, CBD

  • MoVida Next Door Phone number03 9663 3038
  • MoVida Next Door Email


Argentine, Italian, Spanish,

401 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne

  • Palermo Phone number03 9002 1600
  • Palermo Email

Because of Latin Americans from Argentina, Peru, Mexico, and more pay homage to Spanish food, the Hispanic influence is strong around the Melbourne CBD. Little Italy and Chinatown may house bigger populations, but the beauty of Cosmopolitan Melbourne is that there’s plenty of room for a whole Spanish food scene, too. Don’t forget to have seafood tapas of any kind, raciones, and chicken chorizos alongside the variety of ethnic cuisines in the CBD area. Spanish restaurants in Melbourne have made award-winning paella, we remind you!


spanish__3000_Portello Rosso

Portello Rosso

Spanish, Tapas,

15 Warburton Lane, Melbourne

  • Portello Rosso Phone number03 9602 2273
  • Portello Rosso Email

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