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Spanish Restaurants in Fitzroy

After a brief lull in the later 90s, Spanish culinary culture has exploded across Melbourne – settling in nicely to our cozy little suburb of Fitzroy. Multicultural and hipster by nature, the city has all kinds of delicious ethnic cuisines available.

Here we will follow how Spanish restaurants in Fitzroy have evolved since the early 80s, 90s, and 2000s – becoming a staple of many Melbourne residents’ weekend nights! Who doesn’t love tapas and beer to cap off a hard week? 😊




Spanish, Tapas,

197 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy

  • Anada Phone number03 9415 6101
  • Anada Email


Spanish, Modern Australian,

177 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

  • Bonny Phone number0423 337 101
  • Bonny Email
spanish__3065_Casa Iberica

Casa Iberica

Sandwich, Spanish, Portuguese,

25 Johnston Street, Fitzroy

  • Casa Iberica Phone number03 9417 7106
spanish__3065_Kanela Flamenco Tapas Bar & Restaurant

Kanela Flamenco Tapas Bar & Restaurant

Spanish, Tapas,

56 Johnston Street, Fitzroy

  • Kanela Flamenco Tapas Bar & Restaurant Phone number03 9419 0424
  • Kanela Flamenco Tapas Bar & Restaurant Email addressINFO@KANELA.COM.AU
spanish__3065_La Bodega De Andres

La Bodega De Andres

Spanish, Tapas,

361 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

  • La Bodega De Andres Phone number03 9041 9577
  • La Bodega De Andres Email

Exploring Spanish Culture & Cuisine in Fitzroy

With Hispanic immigration only increasing following a 1958 migration accord, the number of true native Spaniards in Melbourne is about a few thousand. The incredible part is how much of a culinary imprint this minority has left on Aussie cuisine. Melbourne residents regularly post about where to find the “Best Paella in Melbourne” – it’s a very common question! These kinds of reminders help us appreciate the Hispanic community in Melbourne. We celebrate them with their authentic tapas and chorizos home-cooked for decades. Visit or order takeaway from one of the fine Spanish restaurants in Melbourne below!

If you are Hispanic yourself and feeling a bit isolated from your culture, try out the Melbourne Hispanic Language, Cultural & Social Group! Who knows, with almost 5000 members there would hopefully be some connections out there for you 😊.




Mexican, Tapas,,Spanish, Tapas

366 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

  • Vamos Phone number0415 463 384
  • Vamos Email



149 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

  • Amarillo Phone number03 9415 9367
  • Amarillo Email
spanish__3065_Nomada Food & Wine

Nomada Food & Wine

Spanish, Tapas,

412A Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

  • Nomada Food & Wine Phone number03 9416 4102
  • Nomada Food & Wine Email

List of the Best Spanish Restaurants in Fitzroy

With a specialty in tapas, paella, chorizo, and raciones, Spanish restaurants in Fitzroy have a delectable variety on their menu. Start your Hispanic cuisine journey now – almost every single one has adapted their menu for takeaway and delivery services!

La Bodega de Andres

Elegantly made and well-priced, La Bodega de Andres makes a case for best Spanish Restaurant in Fitzroy. The Grilled chorizo on top of freshly baked bread and grated tomato is like a zesty bite of heaven ever crunch – for real 😊. The Berenjena con queso keeps the same freshly baked bread base, but adds grilled eggplant with goat cheese and a dash of molasses on top. They also have delectable tapas, cazuelas, raciones, ensaladas, and paella. Their menu is incredible, so give it a look and see if it makes you hungry 😊.

Kanela Flamenco Bar & Restaurant

Kanela is known for three reasons – Spanish wine, authentic food, and traditional flamenco dancing! This would be the perfect place to hit when lockdowns end, but in the meantime, they have an incredible takeaway and delivery menu here. For tapas, we recommend the braised prime beef meatballs in tomato salsa – yum 😊. Try the seafood paella and flan casero to round out your order from Kanela’s!


Another local favorite, Vamos has perhaps the best delivery menu of all the restaurants on the list! Their Hispanic banquet dishes and gourmet burgers are one thing, but our favorite feature is the “build your own tacos” plates. Delivered to your door, you have perfectly cooked ingredients you can take time to prepare with a little extra love before dinner. Check the delivery menu here!


Having home deliveries every Wednesday and Saturday, Sonido has incredible empanadas, coffee, bread, and even pre-cooked meals that fit the current COVID situation. Authentic rice and beans, chorizo, and incredible cornmeal arepas. If you like cornbread and calzones, this place does the Spanish version of these dishes – try it asap! Check here for delivery options.

Anada Bar & Restaurant

Anada is open again! Check their delivery menu here – they have Vegetarian dinner sets with paella, sabrasada with rooftop honey, croqueta baked to fluffy perfect, and more! You may also want to know that Normada’s is the sister restaurant to Anada’s. Both are located in the Fitzroy locale, so delivery and pickup may happen at either place. Double check when you place your order!


Functioning more like a Spanish café, Amaraillo has yummy options like grilled cuttlefish in sherry and garlic, Moorish pork, salted cod, octopus in tomato and chickpeas… the list of original dishes goes on 😊. We would recommend trying their coffee with a to-go order – check the menu here!


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