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Seafood Restaurants in Northcote

Some days, after hitting the beach and parks around Melbourne, nothing hits the spot like crispy fish and chips. The fluffy fries and deep-fried fish combine for a crunchy, salty delight. We’d top it off with a soda for the perfect little meal. However, there are so many more options at seafood restaurants in Northcote that just fish and chips. We’ll get into a few of those culinary delights below.




Greek,,Greek, Seafood

308 High Street, Northcote

  • Laiko Phone number03 9489 0218
  • Laiko Email
seafood__3070_North Fish & Chippery

North Fish & Chippery


8 Breavington Way, Northcote

  • North Fish & Chippery Phone number03 8899 6464
  • North Fish & Chippery Email
seafood__3070_Northcote Fish & Chips

Northcote Fish & Chips


341 High St, Northcote

  • Northcote Fish & Chips Phone number03 9482 9079
  • Northcote Fish & Chips Email
seafood__3070_Sweet Salt

Sweet Salt


296 High St, Northcote

  • Sweet Salt Phone number03 9482 7158
  • Sweet Salt Email
seafood__3070_Westgarth Fish and Chips

Westgarth Fish and Chips


99 High St, Northcote

  • Westgarth Fish and Chips Phone number03 9481 0211

QIKI Cuisine Check: How to Pick the Perfect Seafood Restaurant in Northcote for You

An important note is that many of the suburb’s dining establishments have menu items that could easily classify them as seafood restaurants in Northcote. From Italian to Asian to Indian to Lebanese to Grecian and more, many ethnic cuisines in Melbourne have dishes infused with shrimp, prawns, calamari, oysters, clams, mussels, and more. With that being the case, always be on the lookout for fresh prawns from the seafood restaurants in Northcote. They are absolutely delicious and a QIKI favorite.

However, there are seafood restaurants in Northcote dedicated to solely to dishes more similar to a traditional fish and chips. Fish like Atlantic salmon, blue grenadier, and crab fill out the menus. Many of the fish have a charred flavor picked up from the grill, and creamy garlic butter sauces are common toppings to enhance the flavor of these delectable delights.


QIKI Primer: Local Specialties from the Seafood Restaurants in Northcote

Skewers Seafood

Prawns, Scallop and Calamari marinated and Grilled on a skewer. The grilling gives the pieces a seared outside while maintaining their juicy inside. Each bite into the seafood offers an incredible combination of texture and marinated flavor.

Seafood Chowder

Served at the local seafood restaurants in Northcote, this seafood chowder combines clam, oyster, and more to create a heavenly chowder taste. It is rich, thick, salty, savory, and absolutely delicious. Comes with oyster crackers and bread on the side.

Pub Scampi

The most traditional “fish and chips” order on this list, this pub scampi has that iconic crunch flavor from fried fish with fries on the side. An English pub classic. Crumbed prawn served with iceberg lettuce & a lemon wedge, with tartare sauce on the side. Found at the local seafood restaurants in Northcote.

QIKI History

While the Outback is internationally known for wallabies and meat pies, fishing is actually a historic pastime of the Aussie community. Our very livelihoods have depended on our scaly brethren. While it hasn’t always been a fair or pretty history, the practice really took off post-WWII. Fishing has essentially become a national pastime for those in Melbourne. It supports the local ecosystem of bait and tackle shops, personal hobbies, and commercial interests of those in the food industry.

Make sure you keep yourself on the right side of history for sustainability practices of our important fisheries. Overfishing and environmental damage have been a recurring issue, hampering the industry’s ability to grow more robust and independent. Check out the seafood restaurants in Melbourne below that have developed a supply chain so transparent, they can trace where they got every fish from. Food tastes better when you know it’s helping the world go round.


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