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Seafood Restaurants in Fitzroy

Introduction To Seafood Restaurants in Fitzroy: Hipster, Meet Hollandaise

While it retains its hipster status, Fitzroy enjoys all the benefits that come with being in a coastal State that includes freshly caught, perfectly prepared seafood! Seafood restaurants in Fitzroy are arguably better than those around. We don’t really have an explanation for why – Footscray was the site of the original Melbourne seafood market, yet seafood restaurants in Fitzroy have some of the best dining options in the city. Read below to get a sense of seafood options in Fitzroy, and how many different dishes are available to Melbourne natives Luckily, several of the restaurants listed below do also include takeaway service – make sure to check their modified menus


seafood__3065_Hooked Fish and Chipper

Hooked Fish and Chipper


384 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

  • Hooked Fish and Chipper Phone number03 9417 7740
seafood__3065_Miss Katie's Crab Shack

Miss Katie's Crab Shack

Seafood, American, Fried Chicken,

325 Smith Street, Fitzroy

  • Miss Katie's Crab Shack Phone number03 9995 4903
  • Miss Katie's Crab Shack Email
seafood__3068_Argo Fish Shop Restaurant

Argo Fish Shop Restaurant

Seafood, Pasta,

318 Queens Parade, Fitzroy North

  • Argo Fish Shop Restaurant Phone number03 9489 8714
  • Argo Fish Shop Restaurant Email
seafood__3068_RST Seafood Restaurant

RST Seafood Restaurant

Seafood, Pasta,

5 Rae Street, Fitzroy North

  • RST Seafood Restaurant Phone number03 9484 1974

Exploring Seafood Restaurants in Fitzroy – Making a Day in the Suburb

Having the bay only 20 minutes away, fresh seafood is a luxury of living in Melbourne. Because Fitzroy has built such a strong reputation on multicultural diversity, seafood restaurants in Fitzroy are authentic with a modern Aussie twist! Most seafood restaurants in Fitzroy serves “ocean to plate” entrees, meaning the fish is caught locally fresh before being prepared for your plate. Whether it’s prawns marinated in buttery garlic sauce with zesty lemon, or a cream sauce scallop linguine, the options at Fitzroy’s seafood restaurants are simply mouth watering. Other options included panko-crumbed fried fish, pan-seared fish of all varieties, fish glazed in special marinade, and specialty seafood dishes like shrimp scampi!


List of Best Seafood Restaurants in Fitzroy

Richmond Seafood Tavern

Recently adding delivery service, Richmond Seafood Tavern is, by far, the locals’ favorite spot for seafood. Bar none, its seafood chowder, king crab, and pan-seared scallops are the best in the city. Classic creamy garlic king prawns are another great option. The restaurant also has a “fresh market seafood” option, letting you know if scallops, mussels, swordfish or something more is freshly “ocean to table” for you!

Miss Katie’s Crab Shack

A simpler, more affordable option, Miss Katie’s Crab Shack has freshly shucked oysters with crab of the day being some of the best crab in Fitzroy. Additions include potatoes, corn on the cob, mussels, clams, and cornbread, It is almost a southern-style seafood joint, as the place also has fried chicken with delicious bread crumbs!

St. George’s Fish & Chips

The only traditional “fish and chips” stand to make the list, St. George’s has incredible fried fish and chicken options. Of course, their namesake is the golden goose, but the establishment also has delicious crab sticks, calamari rings, and even fried snapper and flounder! All traditional fish and chips enthusiasts take note – this is the local fish & chips spot you’ve been missing!

Argo Fishop

Argo Fishop has one of the best seafood restaurant interiors in the city; we hope you get a chance to visit post-Covid! Argo essentially makes seafood burgers and tacos, along with Argo’s Favorites. These dishes are completely unique, offering pan fried and breaded options. On top of that, Argo serves Greek Fish Soup, king salmon, live pacific oysters. However, if we had to recommend one dish, it would be the Portarlington Mussels. Delicious.

Hooked Fitzroy

Another seafood restaurant in Fitzroy geared toward fish and chips, Hooked Fitzroy fills out its menu with specialty seafood burger and burrito options, giving those sick of traditional seafood presentation a new option! Breaded seafood delights earn high ratings from Hooked, so we would go with the classic fish and chips or their Hooked Reel Deals for a family-sized meal!


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