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Seafood Restaurants in Collingwood

Served straight from the South Melbourne docks and West Melbourne markets, the seafood restaurants in Collingwood have over a dozen varieties of fish from waters around Australia, New Zealand, and even into the Asian Rim! However, Aussies have taken their seafood a little further than fish and chips. While a few quality fried fish markets served the community well, there are other high quality seafood restaurants in Collingwood to check out!

Below, you’ll find out QIKI Cuisine Check, where we go over what flavors and ingredients make the seafood restaurants in Collingwood so delicious. From there, you can find out QIKI Primer, where we have a few local specialties to whet your appetite! Finally, to get a little more background about fishermen culture and seafood in Melbourne, check out QIKI history at bottom!


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QIKI Cuisine Check: How to Pick the Perfect Seafood Restaurant in Collingwood for You

Many of the seafood restaurants in Collingwood have four base options:

1. White wine sauce

2. White cream sauce (milk-based)

3. Deep-fried

4. Olive oil, garlic, and zesty lemon

The white wine sauce is usually mixed with butter and garlic to create a wholesome, palate-cleansing experience. Milk-based cream sauces can be tossed with mushrooms or special seafood like mussels and scallops. Add in perfectly al-dente pasta, and you get an idea of what seafood restaurants near Collingwood have to offer. Grilled fish usually take the olive oil, garlic, and zesty lemon route. Deep-fried fish and chips is a staple for Aussies, and the places that do it nail both quality and variety; so many different options are available. Check here for more info on ten new fish you haven’t heard of but may love to try!

One note – you may want to expand your search into North Fitzroy; the two neighborhoods border each other, and a bunch of great options can be found a street or two over from Collingwood’s main drag!


QIKI Primer: Local Specialties at the Seafood Restaurants in Collingwood

Garlic and Old Bay Butter Mussels, Clam, and Crab

The seafood crab shacks in Collingwood offer a class: varieties of seafood (your preference) tossed in garlic and old bay butter. They are generous with both, providing your seafood a rich marinade as you bite into every delicious bit. Our personal favorite combo is the mussels with crab, but make it a day and try a new crustacean.

Large Octopus

A really unique part of the seafood restaurants in Collingwood is they sell wholesale. The same seafood fishermen sell to restaurants you can pick up to cook at home. One of the higher quality options available is the large octopus, which can be fried into calamari. Check here for more options on how to grill your large octopus – available for pickup from your local seafood restaurants in Collingwood!

crab, but make it a day and try a new crustacean.

Smoked River Trout

Another unique option, this dish is for the recreational anglers out there in Melbourne. Smoked to perfection with chili sauces, garlic, butter, and more, smoked river trout can be bought wholesale – caught in the Victorian Alps and shipped right to Melbourne Seafood Markets!

QIKI History: Special Aussie Waters and the Fishing Industry

It is a time of change for the Melbourne fishing industry. Commercial fishing has been banned in Port Phillip Bay, but the upside is the plentiful amount of recreational angling now available! Qiki Cuisine supports the seafood restaurants in Collingwood, so please make sure to take care of our waters, regardless of how you feel about the fishing debate in Port Phillip!


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