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Pizza Restaurants & its Cultural Roots in Melbourne

Aussie culture has adopted Italian cuisine better and faster than almost the entire world. We have kept authentic Italian secrets, while adding an Aussie flair to our pizza dishes. It helps explain the several incredible pizza restaurants found within Melbourne and the CBD.

Italians have left an indelible mark on us Aussies through sharing their cultural secrets – like pizza and olive oil. Now a staple of Aussie cuisine, the pizza restaurants in Melbourne specialize in both authentic Italian pizza and American deep dish.


pizza__3000_11 Inch Pizza

11 Inch Pizza


353-359 Littte Collins Street, Melbourne, CBD

  • 11 Inch Pizza Phone number03 9602 5333
  • 11 Inch Pizza Email
pizza__3000_Dikstein's Corner Bar

Dikstein's Corner Bar

Coffee and Tea, Pizza, Cafe Food,

433 Little Collins Street, Melbourne

  • Dikstein's Corner Bar Phone number03 9642 0943
  • Dikstein's Corner Bar Email
pizza__3000_Eliana Lulu

Eliana Lulu

Italian, Pizza, Cafe Food,

9 Centre Place, Melbourne

  • Eliana Lulu Phone number03 9650 6337
  • Eliana Lulu Email address
pizza__3000_Il Nostro Posto

Il Nostro Posto

Italian, Pizza,

60 Hardware Lane, Melbourne

  • Il Nostro Posto Phone number03 9670 9939
  • Il Nostro Posto Email
pizza__3000_Max on Hardware

Max on Hardware

Pizza, Modern Australian,

54-58 Hardware Lane, Melbourne

  • Max on Hardware Phone number03 9600 1697
  • Max on Hardware Email

Exploring Pizza Restaurants in Melbourne

Outside Italy itself, Melbourne pizza has truly become quite a phenomenon. In fact, Melbourne recently won the best pizza in the world. Oh yeah. You read that exactly right. Check it out – we recommend refreshing your love for the pizza restaurants in Melbourne. There is no better evidence they are world-class!

Record-setting pizza in multiple ways – a pizza restaurant in Melbourne has also been certified by Guinness World Records as having the cheesiest pizza ever. If you are struggling to find a cheap eat/tucker at home during sporadic lockdowns, check your local pizza restaurants in Melbourne. Let our locally-sponsored “Master list” get you started; some of this pizza tastes as record-setting as it actually is.


pizza__3000_Ombra Salumi Bar

Ombra Salumi Bar

Italian, Pizza,

76 Bourke Street, Melbourne, CBD

  • Ombra Salumi Bar Phone number03 9639 1927
  • Ombra Salumi Bar Email
pizza__3000_Pazzi Per La Pizza

Pazzi Per La Pizza

Italian, Pizza,

Melbourne Central, Level 2, Corner of Swanston Street and La Trobe Street, Melbourne

  • Pazzi Per La Pizza Phone number03 9639 6211
  • Pazzi Per La Pizza Email
pizza__3000_Sal's Pizza

Sal's Pizza


289 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, CBD

  • Sal's Pizza Phone number03 9663 7257
  • Sal's Pizza Email


Pizza, Italian

362 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne

  • #ERROR! Phone number03 9642 0440
  • #ERROR! Email addressCBD@PLUS39.COM.AU
pizza__3000_Bar Napoli

Bar Napoli

Pizza, Italian

Emporium Melbourne, Level 3, 287 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

  • Bar Napoli Phone number0427 994 600
  • Bar Napoli Email

Exploring Pizza Restaurants in Melbourne

These pizza places understand the secrets to authentic Italian pizza. The dough is hand-tossed, the crust perfectly salted, and the sauce expertly applied to your flatbread pizza delight. Topped delicately with everything from pork, basil, garlic, and cheese, pizza restaurants in Melbourne do the dish true justice.


pizza__3000_Beer DeLuxe

Beer DeLuxe

Bar Food, Pizza, Burger

Federation Square, The Atrium, Corner Swanston Street and Flinders Street, Melbourne

  • Beer DeLuxe Phone number03 9810 0093
  • Beer DeLuxe Email
pizza__3000_Blue Moon Bar - The Space Hotel

Blue Moon Bar - The Space Hotel

Pizza, Bar Food, Modern Australian

380 Russell Street, Melbourne

  • Blue Moon Bar - The Space Hotel Phone number03 9639 5875
  • Blue Moon Bar - The Space Hotel Email
pizza__3000_Caf� Andiamo

Caf� Andiamo

Italian, Pizza

36-38 Degraves Street, Melbourne

  • Caf� Andiamo Phone number03 9650 8060
  • Caf� Andiamo Email address
pizza__3000_Canto Cafe

Canto Cafe

Pizza, Sandwich

Building 12, 124 La Trobe Street, Melbourne

  • Canto Cafe Phone numberNot available for this place
  • Canto Cafe Email address
pizza__3000_Da Guido 365

Da Guido 365

Italian, Pizza

365 Little Collins Street, Melbourne, CBD

  • Da Guido 365 Phone number03 7012 6959
  • Da Guido 365 Email

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