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Pizza Restaurants in Collingwood

Just like so many of the Melbourne suburbs, the pizza restaurants in Collingwood are authentic, delicious, and go back generations! Nothing beats a homemade, wood-fired pizza topped with several cheeses.. yum. Also the perfect delivery item, many of the pizza restaurants in Collingwood offer excellent takeaway options, so keep an eye on that.

We want to get you excited and thinking about your ideal pizza with the QIKI Cuisine Check, where we describe what gives pizza restaurants in Collingwood their authentic touch. From there, see the QIKI Primer to find our favorite pizza specialties from local Collingwood establishments. Finally, celebrate the Italian cultural gift that put the heart of Naples right here in Melbourne.




Pizza, Bar Food,

64 Smith Street, Collingwood

  • Foresters Phone number03 8415 1104
  • Foresters Email
pizza__3066_Pizza Forno

Pizza Forno

Italian, Pizza,

31 Islington Street, Collingwood

  • Pizza Forno Phone number0432 588 855
  • Pizza Forno Email
pizza__3066_Red Sparrow Pizza

Red Sparrow Pizza

Italian, Pizza,

406 Smith Street, Collingwood

  • Red Sparrow Pizza Phone number03 9417 1454
  • Red Sparrow Pizza Email
pizza__3066_The CODE pizza bar

The CODE pizza bar

Italian, Pizza,

37 Langridge Street, Collingwood

  • The CODE pizza bar Phone number03 9417 7880
  • The CODE pizza bar Email
pizza__3066_Thin Slizzy Pizzeria

Thin Slizzy Pizzeria

Italian, Pizza,

115 Johnston Street, Collingwood

  • Thin Slizzy Pizzeria Phone number03 9417 6666

QIKI Cuisine Check: How to Choose the Perfect Pizza in Collingwood for You!

Most pizza restaurants in Collingwood do it right – woodfired pizza with brick lining. It’s the classic “Italian stove” for pizza, so check to see if your pick has a quality burner. From there, also ask the place if their dough is homemade and where they get their fresh produce from, like olives and tomatoes.! Pizza restaurants in Collingwood are known for quality ingredients; many Italian-Aussie immigrants missed their Mediterranean taste so much they opened groceries alongside their restaurants to serve the community fresh produce!

Finally, you can make sure the blend of cheeses and sauce that go into your pizza match your preference. Some sauces come with cheeses melted in, while others are pure red with basil and olive oil. Pesto and white sauce bases are available at the local pizza restaurants in Collingwood, too. Also, remember toppings! Some of our favorites include the list below:

1. Arugula

2. Mushrooms

3. Roasted Chicken

4. Italian Sausage

5. Spinach

6. Garlic

7. Sea Salt

8. Fresh Basil

9. Oregano

10. Bell Peppers

Getting the perfect combination of 2-23 toppings provides your pizza a flavor balance to the crust, sauce, and cheese. Pick your favorite to mix and match, but don’t feel the need to go overboard: balancing the pizza is key, not overloading it!


QIKI Primer: Local Specialties from Pizza Restaurants in Collingwood

Quick note! To get the full menu of local specialties of pizza restaurants near Collingwood, you may need to expand your search to Fitzroy as well. Some of the best places are right on the border between the two suburbs.


A San Marzano tomato base baked into roasted zucchini, eggplant, caramelized onions, almond feta cheese, rocket pesto, and a balsamic reduction sauce on top. Absolutely delicious. Check the local pizza restaurants in Collingwood for vegan options as well!


Usually prepared with mozzarella cheese, Italian baked ham, mushroom, artichoke, and San Manzano Tomato, check out the veggie options for Pizza Capricciosa. They are some of the best pies in the city because of the fresh ingredients – like kalamata olives!


Having a white cream base with garlic, potato, leek, rosemary, and parmesan, the Bianca is the perfect pie for someone who wants a pizza but is looking for a switch in flavor from red sauce. Go Bianca for a day and appreciate the amazing flavor added with these unique veggies.

Classic Margherita

The Classic Margherita pizza, this dish comes with the San Marzano tomato base, cherry tomatoes on top, freshly picked basil as garnish, extra virgin olive oil, and for di latte to top it off! Gluten-free options available for special diets!

Lygon Street Roars: QIKI History of Pizza Restaurants in Collingwood

Although being a few blocks away, pizza restaurants in Collingwood were born from the roars of Lygon Street in Little Italy! As an Aussie, it’s fun to realize the unique blend of culinary cultures that came together for our national palate – and Italians played a huge role in Aussie tastes. If you have ever appreciated a fresh Melbourne roast or dug into a deep dish pizza, please pay a visit to your local pizza restaurants in Collingwood and support our Italian community. Cheers and happy pie eating!


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