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Pasta Restaurants in Carlton

Of all the ethnic cuisines available in metropolitan Melbourne, perhaps none are close to Aussie hearts as Italian food. Coming over in mass waves of migration post-WWII, Italian immigrants shaped the Aussie palate, giving us the culinary gifts of olive oil, pizza, pasta, and espresso. When heading down Lygon Street in Little Italy, the whiff of garlic bread and roasted coffee beans breaks through the little crowds of college students and professionals typing away while sipping a latte.




Italian, Modern Australian,

318 Lygon Street, Carlton

  • Copperwood Phone number03 9347 1799
  • Copperwood Email



297 Lygon Street, Carlton

  • Agostino Phone number03 9347 1619
  • Agostino Email


Desserts, Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food,

380 Lygon Street, Carlton

  • Brunetti Phone number03 9347 2801
pasta__3053_Cafe Cavallino

Cafe Cavallino

Italian, Mediterranean, Pizza,

181 Lygon Street, Carlton

  • Cafe Cavallino Phone number03 9347 5520
  • Cafe Cavallino Email
pasta__3053_Caf� Notturno

Caf� Notturno

Italian, Cafe Food,

179 Lygon Street, Carlton

  • Caf� Notturno Phone number03 9347 8286

QIKI Tips on Picking the Best Pasta in Carlton for You

While all spaghetti and pasta is delicious, it’s fun to know what subtle differences give an array of pasta dishes such unique flavors. There are obviously over a dozen kinds of actual pasta cuts, from angel hair spaghetti to linguine to risotto; make sure to look up each cut so you get your favorite pick on the menu. Additionally, each differently named pasta has special flavors and ingredients that make it a unique dish in of itself; check some of those examples in the QIKI Primer below!

What sets apart the pasta restaurants in Carlton is the authentic homemade sauces and freshly-sourced ingredients. Pasta Bolognese comes with top-quality meat minced into the sauce with butter and herbs. Every chef makes sure to marry the sauce to the noodles by adding starchy pasta water to the sauce. Never soggy, never chewy – the pasta restaurants in Carlton are a special treat and true culinary delight. Outside of Naples itself, some would argue the pasta restaurants in Carlton and Melbourne itself are some of the highest-quality in the world.




Italian, Pizza,

421 Rathdowne Street, Carlton

  • Capitano Phone number03 9134 8555
  • Capitano Email
pasta__3053_Carlton Pizzeria Bar and Restaurant

Carlton Pizzeria Bar and Restaurant

Italian, Pizza,

160 Rathdowne Street, Carlton

  • Carlton Pizzeria Bar and Restaurant Phone number03 9349 1429
  • Carlton Pizzeria Bar and Restaurant Email
pasta__3053_DOC Espresso

DOC Espresso

Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food, Italian,

326 Lygon Street, Carlton

  • DOC Espresso Phone number03 9347 8482
  • DOC Espresso Email
pasta__3053_DOC Pizza & Mozzarella Bar - Carlton

DOC Pizza & Mozzarella Bar - Carlton

Italian, Pizza,

295 Drummond Street, Carlton

  • DOC Pizza & Mozzarella Bar - Carlton Phone number03 9347 2998
  • DOC Pizza & Mozzarella Bar - Carlton Email
pasta__3053_Da Guido La Pasta

Da Guido La Pasta


128-130 Lygon Street, Carlton

  • Da Guido La Pasta Phone number03 8528 4547
  • Da Guido La Pasta Email

QIKI Primer: Local Specialties at Pasta Restaurants in Collingwood

Spaghetti al Pomodoro

A base Italian spaghetti dish, Spaghetti al pomodoro comes with fresh pasta, olive oil, juicy red tomatoes, locally-grown basil, and more Italian aromatics. Enjoy the local specialties that come with homemade pasta and freshly-picked ingredients; it simply cannot get any better.

This dish is best for those who want a plain, straightforward Italian experience.

Spaghetti alla Carbonara

Spaghetti al Carbonara is special in how the sauce gets married to the pasta. By combining eggs and cheese with the base Napoli sauce, you get a thicker, silkier, more creamy sauce to enjoy while chomping down on your noodles.

Ravioli Wagyu

Here is a true Aussie specialty; raviolis filled with wagyu steak chopped into bits. This would be our QIKI pick for best blend of Italian and Aussie tastes. The high-quality beef is complemented by the little pot sicker pasta pieces. Served in a rosemary sauce, definitely look for this specialty at the local pasta restaurants in Carlton.

Homemade Gnocchi

Another QIKI culinary favorite, gnocchi is Italy’s answer to Asian dumplings, and they are just splendid. These little potato pieces are made by boiling potatoes, mashing into dough with flour, egg, and ricotta cheese, and baking them to crispy dumpling perfection. Local specialties come with rabbit (classic bush tucker) and homemade sauces of your choice. Another perfect dish you can find at the local past restaurants in Carlton!




Italian, Pizza,

320 Lygon Street, Carlton

  • Donnini's Phone number03 9347 3128
  • Donnini's Email


European, Mediterranean,

49 Rathdowne Street, Carlton

  • Epocha Phone number03 9036 4949
  • Epocha Email
pasta__3053_Gemma Simply Italian

Gemma Simply Italian

Italian, Pizza,

183 Elgin Street, Carlton

  • Gemma Simply Italian Phone number03 9349 2835
  • Gemma Simply Italian Email
pasta__3053_Il Gambero

Il Gambero

Italian, Pizza, Seafood,

166 Lygon Street, Carlton

  • Il Gambero Phone number03 9663 2246
  • Il Gambero Email
pasta__3053_Il Gusto

Il Gusto


256 Lygon Street, Carlton

  • Il Gusto Phone number03 9663 2792

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