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noodles__3171_Anloi Deli

Anloi Deli

Bakery, Asian, Vietnamese

Springvale Shopping Centre, Ground Level, 46-58 Buckingham Avenue, Springvale

  • Anloi Deli Phone number03 9548 3768
noodles__3171_Bun Bo Hue Nam Giao

Bun Bo Hue Nam Giao

Asian, Vietnamese

3/218-220 Springvale Road, Springvale

  • Bun Bo Hue Nam Giao Phone number03 9547 3178
noodles__3171_Bun Ngon

Bun Ngon

Chinese, Vietnamese

5 Windsor Avenue, Springvale

  • Bun Ngon Phone number03 8510 4317
noodles__3171_Co Do 2

Co Do 2


347-349 Springvale Road, Springvale

  • Co Do 2 Phone number(03) 8555 3466
noodles__3171_Dolan Uyghur Restaurant

Dolan Uyghur Restaurant

Asian, Uyghur

10 Queens Avenue, Springvale

  • Dolan Uyghur Restaurant Phone number03 9546 0698
noodles__3171_Eastern Dumpling House

Eastern Dumpling House

Dumplings, Chinese, Asian

10C Buckingham Avenue, Springvale

  • Eastern Dumpling House Phone number03 9574 2552
noodles__3171_Golden Chopstix

Golden Chopstix

Chinese, Vietnamese, Asian, BBQ

Shop 2-3, 60 Buckingham Avenue, Springvale, Springvale

  • Golden Chopstix Phone number03 9558 4335
noodles__3171_Haysung Korean BBQ

Haysung Korean BBQ

Korean BBQ, Korean

Springvale Central, Shop 26, 268-274 Springvale Road, Springvale

  • Haysung Korean BBQ Phone number03 8510 8829
noodles__3171_Hoa Tran

Hoa Tran

Chinese, Vietnamese

246A Springvale Road (rear), Springvale

  • Hoa Tran Phone number03 9547 7879
noodles__3171_Hoang Yen Vietnamese Chinese Restaurant

Hoang Yen Vietnamese Chinese Restaurant

Chinese, Vietnamese

10F Balmoral Avenue, Springvale

  • Hoang Yen Vietnamese Chinese Restaurant Phone number03 9547 8878
noodles__3171_Hoi An Village

Hoi An Village

Vietnamese, Chinese

Shop 15, 792 Heatherton Road, Springvale

  • Hoi An Village Phone number03 9547 7809
noodles__3171_Huong Giang Bun Bo Hue

Huong Giang Bun Bo Hue

Chinese, Vietnamese

2A Windsor Avenue, Springvale

  • Huong Giang Bun Bo Hue Phone number03 9546 9911
noodles__3171_Kao Gaeng

Kao Gaeng


Shop 13, 22-38 Queens Avenue, Springvale

  • Kao Gaeng Phone number03 9540 3199
noodles__3171_Lan Sen

Lan Sen

Asian, Thai

Shop 16, 22-38 Queens Avenue, Springvale

  • Lan Sen Phone number03 9540 3036
noodles__3171_Maxim Saigon

Maxim Saigon

Chinese, Vietnamese

17 Balmoral Avenue, Springvale

  • Maxim Saigon Phone number03 9574 1688

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