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Noodle Restaurants in Melbourne

We’re feeling absolutely famished, so let’s get straight to the point: noodle restaurants in Melbourne have exploded in the past 20 years! Melbourne has an incredibly diverse Asian community, and each one provides their own authentic take on noodle dishes.

Just look at the profound list of Aussies with Asian ancestry here: Filipinos, Malaysians, Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Taiwanese are just a few nationalities that make up the 1 million or so Aussies from Asian descent! You think noodle restaurants in Melbourne seem “out of place”? Think again – noodle restaurants in Melbourne are some of the most popular nightlife hotpots in the CBD!


noodles__3000_+39 Pizzeria

+39 Pizzeria

Pizza, Italian,

362 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne

  • +39 Pizzeria Phone number03 9642 0440
  • +39 Pizzeria Email addressCBD@PLUS39.COM.AU
noodles__3000_1000 Wat

1000 Wat


Emporium Melbourne, Lower Ground, 287 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

  • 1000 Wat Phone number03 8609 8173
noodles__3000_@Siam Thai Restaurant

@Siam Thai Restaurant

Thai, Asian,

165A Bourke Street, Melbourne, CBD

  • @Siam Thai Restaurant Phone number03 9662 2218
  • @Siam Thai Restaurant Email
noodles__3000_@t Ease - Easy Thai

@t Ease - Easy Thai

Asian, Thai,Thai,

195 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

  • @t Ease - Easy Thai Phone number03 9639 6492
noodles__3000_Asia Unique

Asia Unique

Thai, Asian,Vietnamese, Thai,

Paramount Centre, Ground Level, Shop 5, 108 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne

  • Asia Unique Phone number03 9037 4559
  • Asia Unique Email

Exploring Noodle Restaurants & The Cultures Behind Them in Melbourne

As one of the biggest and most capable immigrant groups in the country, Asian-Aussies are a communal force for Melbourne’s cultural DNA. Embracing their cuisine and celebrating their traditions on special days elevates Aussie culture for ourselves and travelers abroad. Imagine bringing your foreign buddies to a noodle house in Melbourne and have them looking up at you saying, “My God, is all Melbourne’s ethnic food this good. Geez, I don’t wanna leave!”


noodles__3000_BBQ Brothers 10

BBQ Brothers 10

Korean, Korean BBQ,

589 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne

  • BBQ Brothers 10 Phone number03 9042 3173
  • BBQ Brothers 10 Email



382-384 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne

  • BOWLTIFUL Phone number03 9663 2998
noodles__3000_Bangkok Jam

Bangkok Jam

Thai, Asian,Thai,

107 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne

  • Bangkok Jam Phone number03 9639 3968
  • Bangkok Jam Email


Korean, Coffee and Tea,

Shop 7A, 353 Little Collins Street, Melbourne

  • Bibimbap Phone number0422 785 176
noodles__3000_Bincho Boss

Bincho Boss


383-385 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne

  • Bincho Boss Phone number03 9670 7945
  • Bincho Boss Email

Best Noodle Restaurants in Melbourne

Noodle houses can come from a wide range of Asian cultures: there are Japanese ramen, Vietnamese phǫ̛, Thai Spicy Noodle (e.g. – Pad Thai), Chinese noodles, and Korean Fusion. With so many different options to choose from, we recommend going to places near the CBD first. These spots have developed to support Aussies after a long day at work, who are looking to relax, loosen up, and enjoy an incredible meal with friends and family.


noodles__3000_Bon Bon Boy

Bon Bon Boy


Collins Square, Ground, 727 Collins Street, Melbourne

  • Bon Bon Boy Phone number03 9614 3597
  • Bon Bon Boy Email
noodles__3000_Bornga Korean Restaurant

Bornga Korean Restaurant


Level 1, 258 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

  • Bornga Korean Restaurant Phone number03 9995 0643



Shop 2, 601 Little Collins Street, Melbourne

  • BrimCC Phone number03 9614 5316
noodles__3000_By Korea

By Korea

Korean, Asian,

7 Tattersalls Lane, Melbourne

  • By Korea Phone number03 9662 9380
noodles__3000_CJ Lunch Bar

CJ Lunch Bar

Korean, Asian, Hot Pot,

Shop 2/391 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

  • CJ Lunch Bar Phone number03 9602 5559

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