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Noodle Restaurants in Collingwood

If you want to see how Asian culinary influences have flourished in Melbourne, look no further than the sheer number of noodle restaurants lining Smith street; there are dozens! Even 20 years ago, the sheer variety and options of Southeast Asian cuisine was limited. Now, us Aussies love to enjoy a good noodle bowl or soup; simply delicious.

QIKI Cuisine offers a glimpse into the savory flavors and culinary secrets that make noodle restaurants in Collingwood worth the trip. From there, we’ll list a few of our favorite real local noodle specialties to whet your appetite and get your thinking with your stomach! If you get curious how noodle restaurants in Collingwood grew into such a culinary phenomenon, check the QIKI history on Southeast Asian cuisine in Australia at the bottom.

Pro-Tip: You’ll want to head to Smith St. in Collingwood – there are a couple dozen different noodle restaurants concentrated along the main drag. With a large Chinese, Vietnamese, and Southeast-Asian population, the noodle restaurants in Collingwood are guaranteed authentic.


noodles__3066_Bowl Bowl Dumpling

Bowl Bowl Dumpling

Dumplings, Sichuan, Chinese,

88 Smith Street, Collingwood

  • Bowl Bowl Dumpling Phone number03 9417 7448
  • Bowl Bowl Dumpling Email


Japanese, Cafe Food,

31-39 Keele Street, Collingwood

  • Cibi Phone number03 9077 3941
  • Cibi Email
noodles__3066_Shu Restaurant

Shu Restaurant

Asian, Chinese,

147 Johnston Street, Collingwood

  • Shu Restaurant Phone number03 9090 7878
  • Shu Restaurant Email
noodles__3066_The Old Raffles Place

The Old Raffles Place


70 Johnston Street, Collingwood

  • The Old Raffles Place Phone number03 9417 4450, 03 9419 3092
  • The Old Raffles Place Email


Vietnamese, Asian,

346 Smith Street, Collingwood

  • Tonkin Phone number03 9042 9668
  • Tonkin Email

Dry Noodle or Soup? Base Flavors & Ingredients of Noodle houses in Collingwood

When deciding how to pick the perfect noodle restaurant in Collingwood for you, consider the following two questions:

Dry Noodle or Noodle Soup?

Soups are made from simmering animal bones (e.g. – chicken, cow, shellfish) for several hours, extracting every last ounce of flavor from them. After that, various spices and aromatics marry together the noodles of your choice with the meat of your choice - veggie options included! Examples include ramen, Pho, and Udon noodle soup. Who doesn’t love a warm bowl of noodles for dinner? What a treat.

Dry noodles are usually stir fried with veggies and soy sauce (or tamarind for Thai food) to create a whole different kind of culinary experience. The noodles are starchy and delicious, the sauce sticks to them with every bite, and the veggies melt in your mouth alongside perfectly-marinated bits of protein (chicken, beef, pork, seafood). Examples include Chinese Noodle stir fry and Pad Thai. Certainly give both the dry noodles and soups a try when visiting local noodle houses in Collingwood.

What Kind of Noodle Base?

There are several kinds of noodles to choose from, as well as their thickness; it can all be tailored to your culinary preference! Noodles can be made from egg, wheat, buckwheat, and many more different bases! Figuring out what kind of noodle you enjoy the most is just part of the fun when picking a noodle house in Collingwood.


noodles__3066_Wabi Sabi Salon

Wabi Sabi Salon


94 Smith Street, Collingwood

  • Wabi Sabi Salon Phone number03 9417 6119


Vietnamese, Street Food, Asian Fusion,

194 Smith Street, Collingwood

  • Xeom Phone number03 9417 6969
  • Xeom Email

Dream Dishes: QIKI Primer on the Best Local Noodle Dishes in Collingwood

Peko Peko - Xeom - Neko Neko - Bowl Bowl

Ramen with Beef Brisket & Pork Belly

Using homemade ramen noodles and bone broth simmered for hours, this local specialty comes with nori, spring onion, marinated egg, king oyster mushrooms, and Chinese broccoli. On top of that, the cuts of meat are rich in flavor and dissolve in your mouth as you sip the broth. Combined with noodles, it’s a perfect dish eaten around the world – check out your local noodle restaurants in Collingwood for some!

Tom Yum Noodle Soup with Scallops & Prawns

Made with fresh aromatics and perfect for those who love spicy, this local dish comes with fresh seafood from the Melbourne docks. Highly recommended for seafood and spicy lovers.

Pad Thai

A classic dish served at many noodle houses in Collingwood, this specialty is stir fried with tamarind sauce, tofu, spring onions, bean sprouts, peanuts, and egg. The texture given by the diced peanuts and the tangy flavor given by the tamarind is the reason this dish has traveled around the world. Some delicious Pad Thai can be found for takeaway right at your local noodle restaurant in Collingwood. Peanut sauce is incredibly tangy yet savory; it is highly recommend you try some flat-noodle Pad Thai if you’ve never had the chance.

Connected by Generations: QIKI History on Noodle Houses in Collingwood

If you’re wondering how the food’s flavors melt together so seamlessly, remember that Noodle dishes from Asia have evolved over thousands of years! The spices and cooking process are refined but not rushed, as demonstrated by the bone broth simmering for at least 4 hours at a time. It ensures maximal protein and mineral content is extracted by the animal bone -and optimal flavor.

After immigration laws finally relaxed in the 70s, Asian immigrants (e.g. – Chinese, Thai, Filipino, Vietnamese, Malaysian, etc…) have become a vital lifeblood for the vibrancy of Melbourne’s culinary culture. Who could imagine Melbourne without dumplings and noodle dishes nowadays? Here’s to delicious meals from our local noodle restaurants in Collingwood – thanks for the happy bellies 😊


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