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Noodle Houses in Carlton

We’ll put it simply – us Aussies have swooned over Asian cuisine the past 10 years. Check the map – there are over a dozen Noodle houses in Carlton alone. With so much variety and depth to Southeastern Asian cuisine in Melbourne, Carlton’s Noodle restaurants serve some of the best soups, stews, and noodle plates you’ll have in your life.


noodles__3054_Chin Chin's at Koto Moon

Chin Chin's at Koto Moon


647 Rathdowne Street, Carlton North

  • Chin Chin's at Koto Moon Phone number03 9349 4545
  • Chin Chin's at Koto Moon Email
noodles__3053_Chinger Biang Biang Noodle

Chinger Biang Biang Noodle


74 Victoria Street, Carlton

  • Chinger Biang Biang Noodle Phone number03 9242 0478
noodles__3053_Dong Phuong Vietnamese Cuisine

Dong Phuong Vietnamese Cuisine


122 Lygon Street, Carlton

  • Dong Phuong Vietnamese Cuisine Phone number04 4977 4711
noodles__3053_Dumpling 88

Dumpling 88

Chinese, Vietnamese,

88 Grattan Street, Carlton

  • Dumpling 88 Phone number03 9347 7702
noodles__3053_E Dumpling

E Dumpling


738 Swanston Street, Carlton

  • E Dumpling Phone number03 5500 5202

What’s the Taste? Types of Noodle Houses in Carlton & Base Flavors

To break down its fundamentals Asian noodle dishes either come dry or as soups. Look below to get an idea of how each one tastes:

Dry noodles

Using either soy sauce or beef sauce (steak sauce) as a base, dry noodles are finely textured, easy to chew, melt in your mouth, and hold flavor extremely well. The noodle restaurants in Carlton marry the sauce base with garlic, red chili, along with over a dozen imported Southeast-Asian spices. It is what gives the dry noodles from Noodle Houses in Carlton their authentic taste.


Simmered in animal bones (e.g. – chicken, cow, shellfish,) for hours, the soups served at Noodle restaurants in Carlton are truly some of the best. Delicious, braised, fall-off-the-bone meat mixed with noodles cooked directly in the still-boiling broth. Add a touch of green onion and maybe some rice wine on top – you have an ideal lunch or dinner to satisfy the senses.

Aside from their soupy or dry character, noodle restaurants in Carlton also serve all varieties of noodles: flat, short, round, long, wheat (e.g. udon), egg (e.g. ramen), buckwheat (e.g. soba), rice, and so many more! Make your culinary experience an interesting one. Learn about which noodles you like best so you have the perfect order every time.


noodles__3053_Hi Chong Qing

Hi Chong Qing

Chinese, Ramen,

26 Orr Street, Carlton

  • Hi Chong Qing Phone number0423 262 122


Korean, Asian,

1/F, 173 Lygon Street, Carlton

  • Hwatu Phone number03 8597 8823



2/164 Cardigan Street, Carlton

  • Jokamz Phone number0403 264 237
noodles__3053_Le Miel Et La Lune

Le Miel Et La Lune

Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food,

330 Cardigan Street, Carlton

  • Le Miel Et La Lune Phone number03 9043 9767
  • Le Miel Et La Lune Email
noodles__3053_Leonardo's Pizza Palace

Leonardo's Pizza Palace


29 Grattan Street, Carlton

  • Leonardo's Pizza Palace Phone number03 9242 0666
  • Leonardo's Pizza Palace Email

Savory Delights! QIKI Primer on the Best Local Noodle Dishes in Carlton

Handmade Beef Noodle Soup

With broth and Aussie-raised beef served in, this is one of the best culinary recommendations QIKI cuisine can make. The noodles are silky, you can pick your preferred noodle thickness, and it comes with chili oil on top - handpicked from China. Served with green onions, this broth is about as savory as it gets.

Special Beef Noodle (Dry)

The “dry noodle” version of handmade beef noodle soup, beef is served tenderly on top of your preferred noodles, but those you like the starchy, delicious taste of noodles can have it unencumbered by soup broth. For those who like pasta or linguine, this is a sister dish to Italian noodle dishes.

Pork & Barramundi Spring Roll

QIKI cuisine recommends picking up a few spring rolls on the side with your order. People love dipping them in their soups so the crunch comes with a brothy flavor. These pork-filled ones are local specialties, so definitely check the local noodle restaurants in Carlton to see if you can find them. They can be fried or boiled, so make sure to ask what cooking method is used before ordering.


noodles__3053_Mama Tsai

Mama Tsai

Asian, Chinese,

165 Pelham Street, Carlton

  • Mama Tsai Phone number0474 075 712
noodles__3053_More Tea

More Tea

Malatang, Chinese,,Beverages, Bubble Tea

233 Pelham Street, Carlton

  • More Tea Phone numberNot available for this place
  • More Tea Email
noodles__3053_Nasi Lemak House

Nasi Lemak House

Malaysian, Asian,

115 Grattan Street, Carlton

  • Nasi Lemak House Phone number03 9348 4900
  • Nasi Lemak House Email
noodles__3053_Panda Hot Pot

Panda Hot Pot

Chinese, Hot Pot,

100 Victoria Street, Carlton

  • Panda Hot Pot Phone number03 9888 9899
  • Panda Hot Pot Email
noodles__3053_Rice Bar

Rice Bar

Asian, Malaysian, Chinese,

121 Grattan Street, Carlton

  • Rice Bar Phone number03 9349 2586, 03 9349 2586

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