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Mexican Restaurants in Fitzroy

If you are a real Melbourne resident, you know that Fitzroy remains the suburb with the most dynamic, creative, unique… and dare I say, trippy parts of the city. Wonderfully charming street art? Check. Incredible main boulevard like Brunswick? Double Check! The most diverse food options, including authentic Mexican restaurants in Fitzroy? Triple check. Known as a multicultural hub, Fitzroy arguably has the best variety of ethnic dishes in all of Victoria.

While we could go on, we want to focus this post on the best Mexican culture and cuisine in Fitzroy, along with a list of the most delicious Mexican tucker in our vibrant suburb. It is crazy such a unique city like Melbourne gets lumped into ridiculous Aussie stereotypes by foolish/airhead drongos. Our city prides itself on its culturally diverse background. In fact, a third of Fitzroy’s population was born overseas, and many more are first or second generation Aussies!

Living as an ethnic minority in Fitzroy is, arguably, a far better experience than almost anywhere else in the world. Because us Melbournians consider it vulgar to mistreat other ethnic groups and poverty-stricken individuals inhumanely, the playing field is wide open for our Mexi-Aussie neighbors to thrive! All colors, creeds, and backgrounds are welcomed into this wonderful suburb. The Mexican restaurants in Fitzroy are just an added bonus to the wonderful Mexi-Aussie community that has developed the past 15-20 years.


mexican__3065_El Camino Cantina

El Camino Cantina

Mexican, Tex-Mex,

222 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

  • El Camino Cantina Phone number03 8594 0577
mexican__3065_Hecho en Mexico

Hecho en Mexico


326 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

  • Hecho en Mexico Phone number03 9939 9398
  • Hecho en Mexico Email
mexican__3065_Little Hop

Little Hop


277 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

  • Little Hop Phone number03 9078 2252
  • Little Hop Email
mexican__3065_Si Senorita

Si Senorita


312 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

  • Si Senorita Phone number03 8456 2361
  • Si Senorita Email
mexican__3065_Trippy Taco

Trippy Taco

Mexican, Vegetarian, Vegan,

234 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy

  • Trippy Taco Phone number03 9415 7711
  • Trippy Taco Email

Exploring Mexican Culture & Cuisine in Fitzroy

It’s mentioned in our article about the best Mexican restaurants in Melbourne, but it’s so cool we feel the need to explain it here, too! Since 2012, the Melbourne Mexican Festival has taken place next door to Fitzroy, so we recommend looking up dates to check that out. Mexican Restaurants in Fitzroy go mobile during the celebration, opening up taco trucks around town. Perhaps even cooler is Melbourne’s Hispanic Language, Cultural, and Social Group! They regularly organize outings like Hispanic restaurants and movie nights, picnics, dance classes, and more!

If you want to hear a truly heartwarming story of us Aussies welcoming incredible Mexican immigrants to our border, please read Vice’s piece about Jenny Salguero. Fleeing violence and corruption in her home country, Jenny came over 17 years ago to Australia. Since then, she has started a community group called “Fiesta Mexico” to help keep her close to her roots – adding another fabric to the meshwork of Fitzroy’s incredible diversity. We’re sure she has the master list of the most authentic Mexican restaurants in Fitzroy 😊.

Besides helping her Mexican neighbors not feel so lonely, she truly considers Australia home now, saying she would “miss” us Aussies if she ever went back! It really personalizes her journey, showing just how sweet, caring, and lovely Mexi-Aussies can be. Half her luck, and props out to Jenny for representing her people all the way in Australia 😊




Mexican, Tapas,,Spanish, Tapas

366 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

  • Vamos Phone number0415 463 384
  • Vamos Email


Latin American, Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food,,Mexican

69 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy

  • Sonido! Phone number03 9495 6636
  • Sonido! Email

List of Best Mexican Restaurants in Fitzroy

Here we are – the master list of the most flavorful, delicious Mexican Restaurants in Fitzroy. These spots have been vetted by locals as having the best food with competitive prices. Buen viaje, travel safe!

1. Trippy Tacos – Considered by many the best Mexican Restaurant in Fitzroy. They have everything from taquitos to tamales. All vegan, we highly recommend Trippy’s Original Burrito.

2. El sonido – Masters of all South American cuisine, we recommend the empanadas from Sonido. These meat-filled are enclosed within a breaded crust, kind of like a calzone. Absolutely delectable.

4. Hecho en Mexico – This place is truly a local cornerstone – they offer free meals to international students. Not only that, their menu is expansive, with great blue corn chips and salsa and a variety of tacos and burritos. Good for a big family meal or date night!

4. Si senorita – A Mexican-style cantina, Si senorita has come up with a great delivery and takeout method: perfectly packaged “takeaway packs.” Take a look! They are like Mexican-style bento boxes, perfectly portioned and well-presented.


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