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Mexican Restaurants in Carlton

It is amazing that with only 5,000 Mexican-Australians in the entire nation, Melbourne pays homage to their incredible culinary culture through dozens of quality Mexican restaurants lining the boulevards. The Mexican restaurants in Carlton are some of the best, so QIKI cuisine wanted to reveal the local specialties while exploring Mexican culinary contributions to Melbourne.

**Note – A number of Mexican restaurants are just outside Carlton – expand your searching to the surrounding suburbs to double-check options**





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All the Way from Baja: QIKI History on Mexican-Australia Culture

While the first recorded Mexican immigrant arrived in Australia in 1880, the journey from Mexico all the way to the Outback is a daring one for Latinx groups. Income inequality harmed their opportunity during the 20th century, but Latino culture is starting to thrive in the metropolitan hub of Melbourne. One of our greatest qualities as a city is the infinite room we’ve made for different cultures to carve a niche all for themselves, enriching the greater the whole of our community.

Mexican-Australians have done just that, and it really is remarkable to have several dozen Mexican restaurants in Melbourne, yet only have a few thousand Aussies of Mexican descent. It illustrates just how incredibly delicious Mexican specialties like tacos, burritos, and agave tequila are – we could go for 4 beef taquitos right now.


Te Quiero Mucho/Comida: QIKI Primer on the Best Mexican Food in Carlton

BBQ Corn with MeXo sauce on the Side & Smoked cheese

Done in a smokey, Southwestern US style, BBQ corn is crunchy and rich in flavor. The special sauce and smoked cheese certainly help, but if you have ever had corn off the BBQ and loved it, check out this special dish on the menu at local Mexican restaurants in Carlton.

Chipotle whipped salted cod

With fresh seafood imported daily from the Melbourne docks, chipotle-whipped salted cod gets its flavor from smoked chili peppers combined with zesty flavors like lime juice, cilantro, and garlic. If any of these ingredients to your taste buds and you’re a seafood lover, check out this option on the menu. Many Mexican restaurants in Carlton and the surrounding area serve seafood specials almost daily.

Carne asada tacos with chargrilled steak

Carne asada meat is a crowning achievement of Mexican cuisine – buttery, rich, with a smoky and charred flavor from the grill. Diced into tiny pieces or shredded, this is the classic meat-eater dish and will rarely let you down. Check out the carne asada taco options at the Mexican restaurants in Carlton.

Churros con dulce de leche atole

Chuuuuurrrrrros!! An international delight from Mexico. This desert pastry is crispy, sugary and breaded on the outside, but soft and fluffy on the inside. Serve as a star-shaped prism, churros are fried to give them their distinct crispy outside. This local specialty comes with ice cream on top.


Totopos are freshly made tortilla chips, and the Mexican restaurants in Carlton mean that These chips are usually served with salsa and guacamole, but these airy, crispy, authentic corn chips will whet your appetite for the entire meal. Definitely order this as your appetizer!

When searching you may notice most Mexican restaurants are near Carlton, not in the suburb itself. However, many deliver and have adapted to takeaway menus. If you search within 10-15 blocks, you will certainly find over a dozen Mexican restaurants ready to serve you authentic Latin dishes!


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