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Lebanese restaurants in Melbourne

The oldest Lebanese restaurants in Melbourne date back to 1967 – inspired by Ottoman immigration waves from Turkey and Lebanon. These days, the number of restaurants may be small, but its influence is deep when you consider there are only 70,000 Lebanese Australians. These hard working folks are first and second generation Australians who have made it to our safe harbors - bringing an entire culture of amazing dishes, and that “Home away from home” feeling with them. Plenty of Australians list Lebanese dishes like lamb chops or Chicken kebab as among their favorite dishes from the Aussie homeland.


lebanese__3000_Arabesque Restaurant & Lounge

Arabesque Restaurant & Lounge

Middle Eastern, Coffee and Tea, Falafel,

642 Elizabeth St, Melbourne

  • Arabesque Restaurant & Lounge Phone number(03) 9995 9189
  • Arabesque Restaurant & Lounge Email
lebanese__3000_CBD Kebabs

CBD Kebabs

Falafel, Middle Eastern, Salad,

546 Flinders St Shop 2, Melbourne

  • CBD Kebabs Phone number(03) 9614 1855
  • CBD Kebabs Email
lebanese__3000_City Kebabs

City Kebabs


3/546 Flinders Street, Melbourne, CBD

  • City Kebabs Phone number(03) 9191 0791
  • City Kebabs Email


Bakery, Middle Eastern, Lebanese,

21 Bond St, Melbourne

  • Maha Phone number(03) 9629 5900
  • Maha Email
lebanese__3000_Mama's Canteen

Mama's Canteen

Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food, Lebanese,

Cnr of Swanston Stand Flinders St Federation Square, Melbourne

  • Mama's Canteen Phone numbernone

These Lebanese restaurants around Melbourne go above and beyond in their presentation to you. Not only do you get incredible plates of Kibbeh Lamb, Falafel, Kebabs, Shawarma, and sweets like Baklava; You get fully immersed in this amazing slice of Lebanese-Australian culture. The dining rooms are regal, with a touch of modern architecture combined with Middle Eastern accents. The lighting is perfect for a meal with belly dancing entertainment - if you prefer!


lebanese__3000_Miznon Australia

Miznon Australia

Lebanese, Fusion, Mediterranean,

59 Hardware Lane, Melbourne

  • Miznon Australia Phone number(03) 9670 2861
  • Miznon Australia Email
lebanese__3000_Persian Grill

Persian Grill

Mediterranean Middle Eastern,

36 Elizabeth St, Melbourne, CBD

  • Persian Grill Phone number(03) 9663 8224


Lebanese, Middle Eastern,

6 Melbourne Pl, Melbourne

  • Sezar Phone number(03) 9663 9882
  • Sezar Email
lebanese__3000_Tahini Lebanese Diner

Tahini Lebanese Diner


518 Little Bourke St, Melbourne, CBD

  • Tahini Lebanese Diner Phone number(03) 9939 9119
lebanese__3000_The Left-Handed Chef

The Left-Handed Chef

Middle Eastern, Lebanese,

219 Park St Shop 2, Melbourne

  • The Left-Handed Chef Phone number(03) 9645 5800
  • The Left-Handed Chef Email

In fact, belly dancing entertainment is one of the most iconic, beautiful, and fun parts of dining at Lebanese restaurants in Melbourne. These women come out in golden, shimmering gowns reminiscent of traditional Lebanese garb. The jewels and little hand symbols add a light jingle to the air, their energy tingling in joy. With beautiful hair done up in jewels and incredible dancing, these women are where famous pop stars like Shakira got their moves from. For dates and families alike, the atmosphere brightens when there is dancing in the air, and these incredible traditional belly dancers bring wonderful energy as you enjoy such worldly and delicious cuisines!


lebanese__3000_Viva Kebabs

Viva Kebabs

Middle Eastern, Falafel,

520 - 522 Flinders St, Melbourne

  • Viva Kebabs Phone number(03) 9191 0792
  • Viva Kebabs Email
lebanese__3008_Byblos Bar & Restaurant

Byblos Bar & Restaurant

Lebanese, Middle Eastern,

12 World Trade Centre, Melbourne

  • Byblos Bar & Restaurant Phone number(03) 9614 6400
  • Byblos Bar & Restaurant Email
lebanese__3008_Grains Galore

Grains Galore

Middle Eastern, Lebanese,

Southern Cross Station, Melbourne

  • Grains Galore Phone number(03) 9078 5797
lebanese__3008_Mama Rumaan

Mama Rumaan

Lebanese, Bakery, Coffee and Tea, Middle Eastern,

161 Harbour Esp, Melbourne

  • Mama Rumaan Phone number(03) 8623 9690
  • Mama Rumaan Email
lebanese__3053_Mint & Co

Mint & Co

Middle Eastern, Lebanese, Cafe Food,

56 University St Carlton, Melbourne

  • Mint & Co Phone number(03) 9969 3960
  • Mint & Co Email

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