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Lebanese Restaurants in Fitzroy

Australia is far more diverse than the world gives it credit for – many would be surprised to know the country has incredible Asian-Australian and Middle Eastern immigrant communities. These groups have brought wonderful splashes of culture to different regions of Australia, but recently, Lebanese restaurants in Fitzroy have separated themselves from other ethnic cuisines in Australia. The Lebanese restaurant experience, replete with belly dancing, music, and tastefully decorated interiors, has become its own cultural touchstone in the city. Having a hipster vibe around it, Fitzroy has proven a great landing spot for first and second generation Lebanese-Australians. Read below to see how the unique blends of street art culture and the magnificent dining presentation of Lebanese restaurants in Fitzroy combine to make incredible days on the town.


lebanese__3065_Isme Lebanese Restaurant

Isme Lebanese Restaurant

Middle Eastern, Coffee and Tea, Falafel,

152 Kerr St, Fitzroy

  • Isme Lebanese Restaurant Phone number(03) 9417 3584
  • Isme Lebanese Restaurant Email
lebanese__3065_Afghan Gallery Restaurant

Afghan Gallery Restaurant

Mediterranean Middle Eastern,

327 Brunswick St, Fitzroy

  • Afghan Gallery Restaurant Phone number(03) 9417 2430
  • Afghan Gallery Restaurant Email

Starting in Fitzroy, you can fill up an entire morning and afternoon breezily by strolling along the banks of the Yarra River, going from an urban setting to incredible meadows with each step. We suggest if you are filling up the day before hitting the restaurants and bars at night, stop by the Ever fresh Fitzroy mural. Painted by a local street art collective, these beautifully crafted pieces of art bring Fitzroy culture to a higher, more unique level than surrounding cities. It makes the brain wonder what the artist was thinking when painting - the details make for great conversation starters. We highly recommend checking out these local street art installations and any local performers before hitting the main Fitzroy boulevards for Lebanese dining in the evening.

Lebanese Restaurants around Melbourne like Mama Manoush serve some of the most incredible dishes you will find on the continent. Unique dishes like pita bread with hummus Bi Crustacea can quickly become family favorites for locals in the area. It’s like chips and dip with an amazing twist, and many in the Fitzroy community have adopted Lebanese hummus as their go-to snack. It’s filling, nutritious, and mouth-watering good.


Probably the most popular and highest-rated Lebanese restaurant in Fitzroy, however, is Isme’s Lebanese Restaurant. A staple of Fitzroy with almost a perfect 5 star rating, the restaurant is unforgettable with incredible, sensual music illuminated by ambient mood lighting. The serenity and passion these people have for sharing Lebanese cuisine is humbling yet fulfilling all at the same time. Just reading their “About us” page on their website will give you goosebumps – maybe try their amazing takeout service. They even present an incredible poem on their homepage that reflects just how far the roots of their passion for bringing Lebanese cuisine to. You can just hear the good intentions of these incredible Lebanese establishments in Fitzroy – they want to add to our culture in ways we simply couldn’t do on our own. We highly recommend taking a day on the Yarra, followed by a visit to Isme’s at night. You may recall it as one of your most beloved memories years from now!


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