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Lebanese Restaurants in Carlton

Middle Eastern by culture but Mediterranean by region, Lebanon has one of the richest, most ancient cultures on the planet and you can bet some culinary gems came out of the nation the past few thousand years. If your food routine has gotten a bit stale the past few months, it is time to find one of the best Lebanese restaurants in Carlton.




Mediterranean Middle Eastern,

109 Elgin St, Carlton

  • Abla's Phone number(03) 9347 0006
  • Abla's Email


Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Lebanese,

95 Lygon St, Carlton

  • ILoveIstanbul Phone number(03) 9079 8526


Middle Eastern, Falafel,

191 Lygon St, Carlton

  • Leyalina Phone number(03) 9348 4926


Middle Eastern, Lebanese,

189 Lygon St, Carlton

  • Tabouli Phone number3 8383 2157
lebanese__3053_Trio Syrian Cuisine

Trio Syrian Cuisine

Falafel, Middle Eastern, Salad,

339 Lygon St, Carlton

  • Trio Syrian Cuisine Phone number(03) 9042 1155

My Heart’s in Beirut: QIKI History on Lebanese-Australian Culture

Here’s what’s interesting about the immigration history of Lebanese-Australians: of the 3 major immigration waves in our country’s history (1850s, 1950s, 1970s to present), the Lebanese community actually rode the “middle period” between 1880-1947, and then a huge wave followed the Arab-Israeli 1967 War. After that, the Lebanese community grew into a truly established group after Australia improved immigration laws. It allowed tens of thousands more Lebanese to escape the 1975 civil war, and call Australia their new home.

Now, Lebanese culinary culture helps give Melbourne its beautiful metropolitan character. Lebanese restaurants in Carlton have some of the most authentic, humble origins, and the cuisine will massage your palate with nutritious, delicious bursts of flavor.


lebanese__3054_Tre Bicchieri

Tre Bicchieri

Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food, Lebanese,

623 Rathdowne Street, Carlton North

  • Tre Bicchieri Phone number03 9348 1780
  • Tre Bicchieri Email
lebanese__3053_Mixity Restaurant & Cafe

Mixity Restaurant & Cafe

Bakery, Middle Eastern, Lebanese

171 Lygon St, Carlton

  • Mixity Restaurant & Cafe Phone number(03)99398602
  • Mixity Restaurant & Cafe Email

Hummus Fresh from the Chickpea: QIKI Primer on Popular Lebanese Dishes in Carlton

Hummus bi Tahini

A classic Lebanese dish, local Lebanese restaurants in Carlton love serving this as an appetizer. Made from ground chickpeas blended with tahini (made from toasted sesame seeds), garlic, and lemon juice, this is an absolute must to get the meal started on the right track.


A single entrée, we include this one because of Aussies love affair with lamb. If you are a meat-eater and love grilled sausages of any kind, try the lamb ones served at your local Lebanese restaurants in Carlton.


Falafels are a famous Lebanese dish made from deep frying ground chickpeas. The result is a flaky, crunchy result that is like a biscuit, but so much richer in flavor. Local Lebanese restaurants in Carlton served with parsley, coriander, and tahini sauce.


A signature Lebanese favorite, Kibbee is made of minced lamb and cracked wheat pounded together and then formed into little dumpling-like balls. Lebanese restaurants in Carlton serve this dish with pine nuts and a dollop of Greeek Yogurt.

Meat and Veggie Kebabs

Come on – who hasn’t enjoyed a nice Kebab off the BBQ, yeah? Meat and veggie kebabs practically originated in Lebanon. If you want some of the best meats and veggies you’ve ever tasted (think onions and bell peappers with lamb, chicken, or beef), go for the kebabs on the menu; you won’t be disappointed!


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