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Korean Restaurants in Melbourne

Korean culture adds one more beautiful fabric to the meshwork holding our lovely city together. Like with the dozen or so other ethnic groups thriving in the city locale, Koreans have brought a wealth of foodie perfection to the Aussie shores.

Most commonly, Korean BBQ has caught on as a worldwide phenomenon, from the UK the US to the state of Victoria itself. However, a tasty piece of delicious bulgogi is only scratching the surface of Korean Restaurants in Melbourne!

Some of their ethnic dishes are internationally recognized as among the best meals in the world. Keep reading to find out!


korean__3000_ABC Chicken

ABC Chicken

Korean, Fried Chicken,

First Floor, 361 Queen Street, Melbourne

  • ABC Chicken Phone number03 9670 8881


Korean, Japanese, Asian,

552 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

  • AGIT Phone number03 9972 7178
korean__3000_BBQ Box


Korean, Healthy Food, Fast Food, Asian,

Shop 2, 459 Little Collins Street, Melbourne

  • BBQ Box Phone number03 9600 4660
korean__3000_BBQ Brothers 10

BBQ Brothers 10

Korean, Korean BBQ,

589 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne

  • BBQ Brothers 10 Phone number03 9042 3173
  • BBQ Brothers 10 Email


Korean, Coffee and Tea,

Shop 7A, 353 Little Collins Street, Melbourne

  • Bibimbap Phone number0422 785 176

Exploring Korean Culture & Cuisine in Melbourne

Like with a number of different people, Korean-Australians have carved out a slice of Melbourne for their community activities – and they let everyone in on the fun. If you and your group of friends are kind of goofballs and want to rap on BTS (seriously, what IS THAT), check out the K-Pop Dance Classes and Karaoke bars offered around the area. It can make for a hilariously memorable day that ends with an incredible meal at the Korean Restaurants in Melbourne!

Korean BBQ cuts like galbi have been voted as some of the most delicious meals on the planet! Same with Bibimbap!


korean__3000_Bornga Korean Restaurant

Bornga Korean Restaurant


Level 1, 258 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

  • Bornga Korean Restaurant Phone number03 9995 0643
korean__3000_Buza Chicken

Buza Chicken


3/365 Queen Street, Melbourne, CBD

  • Buza Chicken Phone number03 9600 4052
korean__3000_By Korea

By Korea

Korean, Asian,

7 Tattersalls Lane, Melbourne

  • By Korea Phone number03 9662 9380
korean__3000_CJ Lunch Bar

CJ Lunch Bar

Korean, Asian, Hot Pot,

Shop 2/391 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

  • CJ Lunch Bar Phone number03 9602 5559


Korean BBQ, Korean,

70 Little La Trobe Street, Melbourne

  • ChangGo Phone number0433 379 100

List of Best Korean Restaurants in Melbourne

The experience of cooking your own meat at the table as the marinade steams off is unique and special to Korean style establishments. Korean restaurants in Melbourne are perfect for having a big night out with friends, cooking each round of pork belly and thin-sliced bulgogi as you drink sake and catch up on everything you’ve missed out on. The atmosphere shared in this environment, filled with the aromas of marinated meats, is the perfect place to enjoy some drinks and relax with some incredible Korean dishes.




Korean, Fried Chicken,

620 Collins Street, Melbourne

  • Chick-in Phone number03 9973 6244
  • Chick-in Email
korean__3000_Chunky Town

Chunky Town

Korean, Fast Food,

QV Centre, Level 1, Shop 28, 210 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

  • Chunky Town Phone numberNot available for this place
  • Chunky Town Email



261 Swanston Street, Melbourne, CBD

  • DOOBOO Phone number0406 712 475
korean__3000_Dancing Flame Charcoal Grill

Dancing Flame Charcoal Grill

Korean, Korean BBQ,

579-581 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne, CBD

  • Dancing Flame Charcoal Grill Phone number03 9329 8989
  • Dancing Flame Charcoal Grill Email
korean__3000_Darac Grill & Bar

Darac Grill & Bar

Korean, Asian,

51 A'Beckett Street, Melbourne

  • Darac Grill & Bar Phone number03 9662 2441

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