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Korean Restaurants in Collingwood

In the past decade Korean restaurants in Collingwood have become a bit of a street food sensation. The Korean BBQ experience is one like no other and represents the perfect night out with close friends or even work colleagues! Many folks also hit up Korean restaurants in Collingwood for their birthday, having tons of smoked meats and sake to celebrate the occasion.

We’ll provide a quick QIKI history to cover the foundation of Korean culture in Australia, and a little primer on the most popular Korean dishes in Collingwood to give you an aperitif. If you still can’t make up your mind, check out the QIKI tips at the bottom to make sure you pick the perfect Korean restaurant in Collingwood for you!




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354 Smith Street, Collingwood

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Goon BBQ

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270 Smith Street, Collingwood

  • Goon BBQ Phone number03 7016 3134
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From the South and North: QIKI history of Korean-Aussie Cultural Roots

When covering a cuisine’s cultural links in Australia, it is best to think of three key periods of time: the 1850s Gold Rush, post WW II immigration, and Post-Vietnam War refugees. Each one acted as an inflection point for Australian immigration, and different ethnic groups established their presence at different times.

Korean-Australians numbered roughly 500 in the 1970s, but that number has grown to over 100,000 today! With it, most fortunately, has come the array of incredible cuisines and dishes. You like perfectly-portioned rice bowls, delicious thin-sliced meats covered in marinade, and special Korean pancakes? Read below to get a perfect QIKI primer on some of the local specialties served at the Korean restaurants in Collingwood!


Wagyu For You: QIKI Primer on How to Pick Best Korean Food in Collingwood

BBQ Set with Side dishes

At the local Korean restaurants in Collingwood, a BBQ set comes with a mix of thinly-sliced bulgogi, beef belly, pork belly, and wagyu depending on what you order. Each cut of meat is perfectly marinated in a soy sauce base, but the local restaurants have secrets to their marinades that make them truly exquisite. Sides include fried pop chicken with dipping sauce, bean soup, steamed egg, and more!

Healthy Meat & Veggie Bibimbap

A rice bowl topped with delicious meat bites, egg, and veggies of your choice, bibimbap gained popularity not only because of its taste, but the perfect proportion of ingredients. Part of cooking mastery is making a dish that not only includes great flavors, but portions them in a way that no one part dilutes the other. Bibimbap is a perfectly portioned dish – highly recommended!

Seafood & Rice

This is a reminder for any seafood lovers that fresh catches come right from the Melbourne coast. Get the Korean take on seafood and rice. The stir fried taste makes the dish melt-in-your-mouth delicious.

Seafood Pancake

These pancakes have become absolute street-food favorites around Melbourne. The Korean restaurants in Collingwood serve ones with battered pancakes and seafood, chive, and kimchi if you’re a fan. Definitely more of a dessert and can easily be sliced into several pieces. They’re kind of a more savory version of an omelet.


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