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Korean Restaurants in Carlton

One of the newest additions to the Melbourne culinary scene, Korean restaurants in Carlton have caught fire – and for good reason. Famous for Korean BBQ, Korean culture has traveled around the world and found its little niche in the Melbourne suburbs. In fact, we would argue that some of the best street food in all of Melbourne comes from these lovely Korean restaurants right in Carlton.


korean__3053_10000WON Korean Fried Chicken 만원치킨

10000WON Korean Fried Chicken 만원치킨

Korean, Fried Chicken,

Ground Floor, 173 Lygon Street, Carlton

  • 10000WON Korean Fried Chicken 만원치킨 Phone number03 8597 8823
  • 10000WON Korean Fried Chicken 만원치킨 Email


Korean, Asian,

1/F, 173 Lygon Street, Carlton

  • Hwatu Phone number03 8597 8823
korean__3053_Jang Gun Carlton

Jang Gun Carlton


520 Swanston St, Carlton

  • Jang Gun Carlton Phone number03 8597 1516
  • Jang Gun Carlton Email

The Few but Mighty: QIKI History on Korean-Australians’ Cultural Roots

Australia’s immigration history, for simplicity’s sake, can be boiled down to three critical “waves”: the 1850s Gold Rush, post-WWII refugees from Europe, and post-Vietnam War Asian immigrants. Korean immigration to Australia started coming over in this third wave, but only at a slow trickle. Even by the 1990s, only a couple thousand Korean immigrants arrived each year.

However, the 2016 census found a 32% increase of South-Korean immigrants born in Australia from 2011. Now well over 100,000 strong, many of these Korean-Aussie citizens have opened their own Korean BBQ in Carlton.


Someone Say KBBQ? A QIKI Primer on Popular Korean Food in Carlton

Below are some of the dishes served locally at Korean restaurants in Carlton – consider it a taster for palate. Each dish has deep, bold, delicious flavor yummy with every bite:


These bad boys are Korean rice cakes stir-fried and reduced in a special spicy paste. The dish has caught on for Korean restaurants in Carlton that focus on quick and easy street food. Comes with perfectly boiled eggs and scallions and perfect for anyone who loves spicy food.


Korean BBQ became an iconic dish worldwide for a good reason: their marinades. Korean marinades have a soy sauce based mixed with brown sugar. When expert chefs at the Korean restaurants in Carlton cook it, they marinate the beef until it’s supremely tender. Look for the stir fry marinated beef, ask the restaurants if you have any questions, and have fun ordering. This is one of the most popular Korean dishes on the planet.

Pork Belly

A different cut of meat, we recommend ordering a bit of bulgogi and pork belly! You’ll notice the Korean BBQ menu has different cuts of meat that all vary in taste and texture. Pork belly is one of the richest cuts, so it certainly gets the QIKI Cuisine nod of approval.

Korean Seafood Pancake

Packed with fresh Melbourne seafood, spring onion, scallions, these pancakes are made of a special Korean pancake batter mixed with shredded potatoes. Having the advantage of Melbourne’s fresh seafood makes this a QIKI recommended dish. Check the local Korean restaurants in Carlton to see if they serve it up!

Beef or Veggie Bibimbap

Another internationally popular dish, bibimbap actually comes from the Korean word for “mixed rice - “ which makes sense. The dish usually has a rice base served with sauteed veggies, marinated KBBQ cuts, sesame oil, and other garnishes on top. Check what veggie or vegan options the local Korean restaurants in Carlton have for you!


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