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Italian Restaurants in Northcote

Pasta, Pizza, coffee, vino, gnocchi... The savory options are endless at the Italian restaurants in Melbourne. Perhaps no culture has had the profound impact on Melbourne tastes than Italian-Aussies. Bringing the culinary heart from their homeland, Australians have these incredible immigrants to thank for re-inventing the Aussie palate post-WWII. They literally introduced us to coffee and a variety of dishes that wouldn’t be here if not for their presence!


italian__3070_Bar Nonno

Bar Nonno


83 High Street, Northcote

  • Bar Nonno Phone number03 9486 3255
  • Bar Nonno Email
italian__3070_Farina 00

Farina 00

Italian, Pizza,

204 St Georges Road, Northcote

  • Farina 00 Phone number03 9078 6136
  • Farina 00 Email


Italian, Pizza,

98-100 High Street, Northcote

  • Ferdinand Phone number03 9042 7247
  • Ferdinand Email
italian__3070_La Gustosa Pizza

La Gustosa Pizza

Italian, Pizza,

Northcote Plaza Shopping Centre, 2A/3 Separation Street, Northcote Plaza Shopping Centre, Northcote

  • La Gustosa Pizza Phone number03 9486 1312
  • La Gustosa Pizza Email
italian__3070_Northcote Pizzeria

Northcote Pizzeria


371A High Street, Northcote

  • Northcote Pizzeria Phone number03 9482 1504

QIKI History: Italians as the Godfathers of Melbourne Cuisine

After arriving in large numbers post-WWII, Italian-Aussie immigrants made their first imprint on the culture by setting up fresh market shops – like farmer’s markets. That way, local farmers were encouraged to grow fresh produce like tomatoes, olives (for fresh-pressed extra virgin olive oil), eggplant, arugula, sage, and more. With these fresh ingredients came an incredible culinary tradition that changed the face of the restaurant scene, starting in the 1950s. Now, Italian influence on the Aussie palate is a welcome benefit to our culture!

Look for incredible kinds of pizzas, pastas, and Italian dumplings (gnocchi) at the local Italian restaurants in Northcote. We have found some of the best pizzas in Melbourne at these spots, so do not overlook them. Take a closer look at some of the incredible dishes offered below.


italian__3070_Pizza E Vino

Pizza E Vino

Italian, Pizza,

232 High Street, Northcote

  • Pizza E Vino Phone number03 9489 9444
  • Pizza E Vino Email
italian__3070_Pizza Meine Liebe Two

Pizza Meine Liebe Two

Pizza, Italian,

493 High Street, Northcote

  • Pizza Meine Liebe Two Phone number03 9486 8886
  • Pizza Meine Liebe Two Email


Italian, Pizza,

104 High Street, Northcote

  • Primo Phone number03 9482 2000
  • Primo Email
italian__3070_Tempo Woodfire Pizza, Pasta and Gelato Northcote

Tempo Woodfire Pizza, Pasta and Gelato Northcote


242 High Street, Northcote

  • Tempo Woodfire Pizza, Pasta and Gelato Northcote Phone number03 9482 1686
  • Tempo Woodfire Pizza, Pasta and Gelato Northcote Email

QIKI Primer: Local Specialties from the Italian Restaurants in Northcote

Here are a few of our favorite local specialties – right off the menu of the Italian restaurants in Northcote. This section can give you a good idea of what dishes and flavor combos to expect when heading out.

Margherita Pizza

Baked from homemade pizza dough, this traditional Italian classic can be found at every Italian restaurant in Northcote. If you are trying to introduce someone to Italian food, this is a good place to start. The San Marzano tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, garlic, olive oil, and basil make this pizza arguably the most popular pizza in the world. Try it out at the local Italian restaurants in Northcote.


Here is a true local specialty from the Italian restaurants in Northcote: 12-hour slow cooked lamb, garlic, goat cheese, fior di latte, onion, olives, and rosemary make this pizza an absolutely authentic, yet unique, delight. Highly recommended, a QIKI Cuisine favorite.


Made with roasted peppers, Confit tomato, zucchini, eggplant, Stracciatella, and goat cheese the Westgarth is a fully vegetarian plate. However, the veggies are so perfectly roasted that we would recommend it to meat lovers too. Definitely try it out to taste the flavorings of roasted zucchini and eggplant melded with tomatoes and goat cheese!


House made fettuccine with slow braised beef ragu. Do we have to say more? Find it at the local Italian restaurants in Northcote!

Gnocchi (vg)

House made gnocchi with mixed mushrooms and a touch of cream, gnocchi the Italian dumplings are another QIKI Cuisine favorite. These little potato-pieces of heaven are a blessing for any meal – pray for the Pope when eating gnocchi. The Italians did us a solid on this one.


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