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Indian Restaurants in Fitzroy

If we had to get poetic, we’d say Indian culture has thoughtfully and beautifully woven itself into Melbourne’s social DNA – thank goodness it brought the spices and curries along! Indian restaurants in Fitzroy are like many things in this wonderful neighborhood – multicultural and delicious! Ethnic cuisines are a huge part of the neighborhood’s identity, and Indian restaurants in Fitzroy regularly get rave reviews.

We talked to lots of customers who commented on how often they returned to the same place to get fully satisfied again! Repeat business is a huge sign of deeply flavorful food, so below we will provide a guide to Indian culture and cuisine in Fitzroy. After discussing how the two have meshed to create the fabric of our Indian-Australian communities, we’ll give a savory primer on the fundamentals of Indian cuisine in Fitzroy. At the bottom, we’ve generated a list of the locally-voted best spots in town. Keep reading to find out more about the best Indian restaurants in Fitzroy!


indian__3065_Mukka Indian Restaurant

Mukka Indian Restaurant

Indian, South Indian,

365 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

  • Mukka Indian Restaurant Phone number03 9917 2224
  • Mukka Indian Restaurant Email
indian__3065_Curry Smuggler

Curry Smuggler


223 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

  • Curry Smuggler Phone number03 8597 0647, 0411 714 646
  • Curry Smuggler Email
indian__3065_Fitz Curry Cafe

Fitz Curry Cafe


44 Johnston Street, Fitzroy

  • Fitz Curry Cafe Phone number03 9495 6119
  • Fitz Curry Cafe Email


Indian, Contemporary,

199 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy

  • ISH Phone number0420 214 855
  • ISH Email


Indian, South Indian,

356 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

  • Masti Phone number
  • Masti Email

Indian Culture’s Influence on Fitzroy’s Community

Fitzroy proudly waves the flag for inclusivity in the world – immigrants and people from all walks of life are welcomed in this buzzing, creative town. If you are an early riser, some Indian cafes have Masala Teas! However, don’t be surprised to see lines of Millennials milling about for their morning coffee along the way.

Fitzroy is also well-known for its incredibly creative street art installations, where passersby can appreciate one of a kind murals. If a fan of these charmingly grand visuals, we recommend checking out Rose Street, Wood Street, and Fitzroy Street before heading into town for a meal.


indian__3068_Horn Please

Horn Please


167 St Georges Road, Fitzroy North

  • Horn Please Phone number03 9497 8101
  • Horn Please Email
indian__3068_Sacred Fig

Sacred Fig


398 Queens Parade, Fitzroy North

  • Sacred Fig Phone number03 9482 1967
  • Sacred Fig Email

A Primer to Indian Cuisine in Fitzroy

With a population of roughly 60,000, Indian restaurants in Fitzroy punches well above its weight, Because Fitzroy is a tiny neighborhood, only a select few spots made the list. However, the ones that did received high praise from multiple local Fitzroy residents. Therefore, we will include a bit about each establishment to make clear just how yummy this list of restaurants is!

Before checking out possible Indian restaurants in Fitzroy, let us make one thing clear: Indian food is so much more than curry. There are dishes like biryani with meatball side, lamb sukka, sambhar lentil stew, traditional skewered kebabs, tika masala…. the list is endless! We guarantee at least one restaurant on our list will impress you with its cuisine and menu options. More well-known dishes include Butter Chicken (I mean come on), Tandoori Chicken, and veggie Malai Kofta – great for weight loss 😊

List of 5 Best Indian Restaurants In Fitzroy

Horn Please

Sourcing locally-grown produce, Horn Please provides a refined casual dining experience. Their dishes are elegantly presented, the price is fair, and the flavor is arguably the best in Northern Fitzroy. Known for the delicious curries and vegetarian options. A master of the Indian classics when it comes to cuisine.

Curry Smuggler

Also known for curry options, the Curry Smuggler had modified its menu for takeout during the Covid crisis. Amazing dishes include garlic naan, butter chicken, goat curry, and paneer tikka.


Over on Gertrude, Ish is a strong contender for best Indian restaurant in Fitzroy. Serving contemporary Indian cuisine, Ish has received rave reviews for its duck tacos, butter chicken, naan, and fresh seafood (swordfish, crab, etc…)! Ish also has incredible desserts like berry pie, crème brulee, and Chai Tea ice cream to try!


A master of delicious chickpea curry with garam masala, Mukka competes as the overall local favorite Indian restaurant as well. It serves all the Indian cuisine staples: charred orange butter chicken, vegetable biryani, tandoori, dumplings, bhel puri , and more!

Fitz Curry Café

Presenting an informal dining setting, Fitz Curry Café is the perfect place to order takeout or delivery from. It has all the staple Indian dishes in big portions at affordable prices. We recommend the eggplant curry if you are adventurous – it is a local favorite!


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