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Dandenong Indian Restaurants

indian__3175_Afghan Masala

Afghan Masala

Indian, Iranian, Afghan

247 Thomas Street, Dandenong

  • Afghan Masala Phone number03 9791 2226
  • Afghan Masala Email address
indian__3175_Ami Food District

Ami Food District

Pakistani, Indian, Afghan

40 David Street, Dandenong Melbourn, Dandenong

  • Ami Food District Phone number0469 963 416
  • Ami Food District Email address



52A-B Foster Street, Dandenong

  • Bikaner Phone number03 9792 9246
  • Bikaner Email address
indian__3175_Brothers Haveli

Brothers Haveli

Indian, Pakistani

13-15 Pultney Street, Dandenong

  • Brothers Haveli Phone number03 9792 2777
  • Brothers Haveli Email address
indian__3175_Cafe Roco

Cafe Roco


42-44 David Street, Dandenong

  • Cafe Roco Phone number03 9793 9275
  • Cafe Roco Email address
indian__3175_Cargills Food & Groceries

Cargills Food & Groceries

Asian, Indian, Sri Lankan

Shop 1, 30 Stud Road, Dandenong

  • Cargills Food & Groceries Phone number03 8774 7331
  • Cargills Food & Groceries Email address
indian__3175_Dosa Plaza

Dosa Plaza

Indian, Vegetarian, South Indian

10 Princes Highway, Dandenong

  • Dosa Plaza Phone number03 8774 4913
  • Dosa Plaza Email address
indian__3175_Down Town Punjab

Down Town Punjab


Dandenong Market, L5 Market Square, 16 Cleeland Street, Dandenong

  • Down Town Punjab Phone numberNot available for this place
  • Down Town Punjab Email address
indian__3175_Fiji Cafe and Sweets

Fiji Cafe and Sweets

Indian, Coffee and Tea

92 Thomas Street, Dandenong

  • Fiji Cafe and Sweets Phone number03 9792 0015
  • Fiji Cafe and Sweets Email address
indian__3175_Hot Chilli Indian Cuisine

Hot Chilli Indian Cuisine


Dandenong Hub Arcade, Level 1, 15-23 Langhorne Street, Dandenong, Dandenong

  • Hot Chilli Indian Cuisine Phone number0429 986 892
  • Hot Chilli Indian Cuisine Email address
indian__3175_Iyer Vegetarian Restaurant

Iyer Vegetarian Restaurant

Indian, Vegetarian, South Indian

5 Dunearn Road, Dandenong Nort, Dandenong

  • Iyer Vegetarian Restaurant Phone number03 8774 4328
  • Iyer Vegetarian Restaurant Email address
indian__3175_Lakshmi Vilas

Lakshmi Vilas

Indian, South Indian

31 Pultney Street, Dandenong

  • Lakshmi Vilas Phone number03 9793 7726
  • Lakshmi Vilas Email address
indian__3175_MKS Spices'n Things

MKS Spices'n Things

Indian, Sri Lankan, South Indian

23 Pultney Street, Dandenong

  • MKS Spices'n Things Phone number03 9701 3165
  • MKS Spices'n Things Email address
indian__3175_Masala Square

Masala Square


1/22 Amberley Crescent, Dandenong Sout, Dandenong

  • Masala Square Phone number0481 316 979
  • Masala Square Email address
indian__3175_Mathy Food Corner

Mathy Food Corner

Sri Lankan, Indian

1/24 Langhorne Street, Dandenong

  • Mathy Food Corner Phone number03 8753 5751
  • Mathy Food Corner Email address

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