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Curry Cuties! An Introduction to Indian Restaurants in Collingwood

With Melbourne’s status as Australia’s foodie capital, the city’s Indian food scene has flourished alongside a bevy of cultural delights! QIKI cuisine will explore the Indian restaurants in Collingwood suburb, checking how the delicious results pan out.

We will first look back at the origins of Indian restaurants in Collingwood. From there, we’ll provide yummy descriptions of the most popular Indian dishes in the neighborhood, giving you an idea of what to order. Finally, enjoy some QIKI tips on how to immerse yourself in Indian culture, and pick the perfect Indian restaurant in Collingwood for you!


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Punjabi Curry Cafe


87 Johnston Street, Collingwood

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Delhi Dreams: Origins of Indian Restaurants in Collingwood

Due to their ties with the British crown during the 18th and 19th centuries, Indians were some of the earliest immigrants to Australia. However, the restrictive, ultimately oppressive immigration laws kept Indian-Australian numbers in a minority until the new millennium.

After 2000, Indian-Aussies have experienced dynamically exponential growth, allowing Indian culinary culture to flourish throughout cities like Sydney and Melbourne. In fact, there are now dozens of Indian restaurants in Collingwood or only one neighborhood over. The suburbs are full of delicious curries waiting for you to discover!

Read below to learn more about the specific dishes and flavors Indian restaurants in Collingwood consider the most delicious!


A Taste of Tikka Masala Culture: QIKI’s Primer on Popular Indian Dishes in Collingwood

Whether braised, slow-cooked, pan fried, or blended, Indian dishes in Collingwood share a couple common defining traits. First, Indian food may have the greatest array of spice blends on the planet. Remember, entire trading systems like the Silk Road, and whole voyages during the Age of Exploration were motivated by one thing: the spice trade from India! Their mastery of different herbs and aromatics goes back that far, so try and appreciate the wonderful spice blends offered in each dish.

On top of that, be on the lookout for dishes like curry, butter chicken, or tandoori; each one has an incredibly delectable sauce based on mixing heavy cream or yogurt with spices and tomato puree. The results have created dishes internationally recognized for their flavor. Check out the list of popular dishes served by Indian restaurants in Collingwood below!

Chicken Tikka Masala

Spicier than buttery chicken, this dish is for those with chili-pepper-proof taste buds! If you love hot, the savory texture of the creamy base pairs incredibly with the biting heat. The tomato gives the dish an vibrant orange color as well, coloring in the bed of rice it’s normally served on.


Considered stuffed fried pastries, samosas are the perfect on-the-go Indian street food! With mouthfuls of flavor packed into each bite, samosa are like Indian calzones. You are only limited by your imagination for the ingredients you can use.

Tandoori lamb cutlets

This dish makes the list because us Aussies have a love affair of lamb that just won’t quit. If you are a lover of meat, the tandoori spices (ginger, red chili powder, nutmeg, garlic, cumin, etc…) combine together to make some of the most tender, flavorful lamb you have ever tasted. Incredibly tangy, sweet, and savory as well!


Another street food gold medalist, meat kebabs originate from both Arabic and Indian cultures. Come on. Delicious marinated meat on a stick. What more do we need to say? If you love the kebab experience, try the Indian flavor-infused version!


The holy grail of Indian food, curry is made by mixing yogurt or heavy cream with tomato puree and the incredible variety of Indian spices. If you love thick, rich, tomato-infused sauce running over your chicken and rice, this is the dish for you!


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