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Indian Restaurants in Carlton

Immigration created our fine nation, and it has fed its growth throughout its history. In the past decade, Indian-Australians have experienced more growth than any other nationality, becoming the largest population behind the British and Chinese-Australians. With well over half a million Indians calling the Outback home, their cultural heritage has reinvigorated Melbourne’s cosmopolitan character.

Fortunately for our hungry bellies, Indian restaurants in Carlton swiftly followed Indian migrants to the area. There are now a variety of Indian restaurants available right in the suburb, with dozens more in the nearby CBD or neighborhoods like Fitzroy North.


indian__3053_Carlton Curry House

Carlton Curry House

Indian, Burmese,

108 Lygon Street, Carlton

  • Carlton Curry House Phone number03 9078 1263
  • Carlton Curry House Email


Pakistani, Indian, Juices,

138B Rathdowne Street, Carlton

  • Chamman Phone number0427 221 323
  • Chamman Email
indian__3053_Curry in Carlton

Curry in Carlton


192 Elgin Street, Carlton

  • Curry in Carlton Phone number03 9972 9814
indian__3053_Flavours of Indus

Flavours of Indus


104 Lygon Street, Carlton

  • Flavours of Indus Phone number03 9973 7953
  • Flavours of Indus Email



401 Rathdowne Street, Carlton

  • PAGLA Phone number03 9347 1991
  • PAGLA Email

Masala in Melbourne: Origins of Indian Cuisine in Carlton

Like many migrant groups in Australia, immigration to outbreak was severely limited through the 1850s Gold Rush up until Post WW-II. Even in 2000, Indian migration to Australia was a slow trickle, with barely 50,000 citizens residing in the country. However, the new millennium brought a vital infusion of Indian-Australians contributing to a thriving economy and growing Aussie population.

Many Indian restaurants in Carlton have a heartwarming story; family members began cooking their traditional dishes to stick together through hard times and fondly reflect on their ancestral homeland. From these deep roots grows a passion, which is where the delicious subtlety of Indian flavors originates.

Read below to figure out how this passion for Indian cuisine inspired some of the most popular Indian dishes in Carlton!




Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food, Indian,

749 Nicholson Street, Carlton North

  • Chichora Phone number03 8354 0169
  • Chichora Email
indian__3054_Khabbay Restaurant

Khabbay Restaurant

Indian, Pakistani, BBQ,

645 Rathdowne Street, Carlton North

  • Khabbay Restaurant Phone number0433 982 552
  • Khabbay Restaurant Email


Coffee and Tea, Indian, Cafe Food,

344 Rathdowne Street, Carlton North

  • Masons Phone number03 8060 6595
  • Masons Email
indian__3054_Zafeera's Fine Malaysian Indian Cuisine

Zafeera's Fine Malaysian Indian Cuisine

Malaysian, Indian,

563 Nicholson Street, Carlton North

  • Zafeera's Fine Malaysian Indian Cuisine Phone number03 9380 2737
  • Zafeera's Fine Malaysian Indian Cuisine Email

Vindaloo Please! A Primer on the most Popular Indian Dishes in Carlton

Indian restaurants in Carlton serve dishes with a wonderful cohesiveness and authentic, yet modern flavor. Dishes commonly are served in a wonderful variety of spices combined with savory, creamy, and buttery sauces. These curry sauces and unique spices provide much of Indian food’s character. Read below to hear about what goes into some of the most popular Indian food in Carlton!

Butter Chicken

Served in a delectable sauce made of onion, heavy cream, ghee, tomato, and spices like paprika, butter chicken is one of those dishes that makes us universally go “Mmmmm”. If you are new to Indian flavors, this is the dish to go with. Usually served over a bed of rice.


Made with lamb, chicken, or beef, tandoori flavoring involves mixing together yogurt or heavy cream with ginger, red chili powder, nutmeg, garlic, lime, and more. The tandoori paste is poured over chicken and serveds excellently with a bed of rice or fingerling potatoes.

Chicken Biryani

Biryani flavoring has a hot, tangy flavor that is served over rice. The rice gets a rich flavoring from the ginger, garlic, nutmeg, cardamom, saffron, and more.! Served over chicken or lamb, this may be the favorite Indian dish for Aussies.

Prawn Vindaloo

We add this to our list because of how popular Vindaloo has gotten over the past decade. Indian restaurants in Carlton serve the dish on a large scale, and the prawn vindaloo sticks out because of its seafaring edge. If you are a seafood lover, this dish will at the very least intrigue you and expand your palate!


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