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Greek Restaurants in Fitzroy

Melbourne’s hipster cousin, Fitzroy has earned its reputation as a multicultural, vibrant suburb full of cuisines from around the world. As with multiple cultures in the area, Greek-Australians call the neighborhoods around Brunswick Street home, bringing with them their incredible Mediterranean cuisines. With other locally-known Greek precincts nearby like Oakleigh, Greek Restaurants in Fitzroy punch above their weight in terms of taste and cultural authenticity. Many claim the food from these establishments rivals Greek food from their homeland!


greek__3065_The Aegean

The Aegean

Greek, Mediterranean,

19 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

  • The Aegean Phone number03 9419 5075
  • The Aegean Email
greek__3065_Achilles Greek Street Food

Achilles Greek Street Food

Greek, Kebab,

311 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

  • Achilles Greek Street Food Phone number03 9416 3706
  • Achilles Greek Street Food Email
greek__3065_Hellenic Souvlaki

Hellenic Souvlaki


346 Brunswick StreeT, Fitzroy

  • Hellenic Souvlaki Phone number03 9191 9037
  • Hellenic Souvlaki Email
greek__3065_Lamb on Brunswick Street

Lamb on Brunswick Street


314 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

  • Lamb on Brunswick Street Phone number03 9415 7365
greek__3065_Souvlaki king eatery

Souvlaki king eatery


311 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

  • Souvlaki king eatery Phone number03 7012 3038

Fitzroy is a fun place to live, visit, and walk through! Its city streets exude maybe the best, most unique character of any neighborhood in Australia - and that is not an over exaggeration. MacBook entrepreneurs line the incredible coffee shops by day, while families and friend groups populate the bars, restaurants, and wine-tasting establishments at night. Greek restaurants in Fitzroy have developed along Brunswick Street, providing yet another incredible cultural hub to the main avenue.

With Melbourne having the highest concentration of Grecian people outside of Greece itself, it is easy to see how the region became so well-known for these cultural foodie delights! Keep reading below for more information about Hellenic culture’s impact on Fitzroy, along with how to plan the perfect day in the city. Hint – it involves multiple gyros and souvlaki at the fine Greek restaurants in Fitzroy.😊


greek__3065_The Real Greek Souvlaki Bar

The Real Greek Souvlaki Bar


315 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

  • The Real Greek Souvlaki Bar Phone number03 9417 1414

Spending a Day in Fitzroy

If you live in or near Fitzroy, we always recommend visiting the Carlton Gardens if you get the chance. Labeled a “World Heritage Site,” the site is worth a visit before grabbing some café at a local café and checking out options for the afternoon and evening.

Unfortunately, during these unfortunate times of COVID 19, many customers now want options that are strictly delivery! If you are among the crowd that has switched to food delivery as a primary source of meals, you can head back home after your socially-distanced morning over at Carlton gardens. The walk couldn’t be more than 10 minutes if you are in the suburb!

List of Best Greek Restaurants in Fitzroy

Once at home or back on the move, we have highlighted a select list of the best Greek restaurants in Fitzroy. We have talked to dozens of locals, and one of the more unique things was how it seemed there was no general consensus on the “very best” spot – everyone picked their own local favorite, with some Mediterranean restaurants near Brunswick getting a little more than others. Of the listed Greek restaurants in Fitzroy, no one got less than five votes. The customers at these establishments were effusive in their praise, saying each restaurant had a dish they considered the best version available. Whether it was their braised lamb, meat gyros, delicious souvlaki, or perfectly-crisped kebab, these Greek Restaurant in Fitzroy are all worth a try!

Real Greek Souvlaki Bar

Casual Greek diner best known for its flavorful souva and lamb.

Souvlaki King

Known for its mix of chicken and lamb with fresh Greek salad and pita bread or chips.

Aegean Greek Restaurant

This establishment's interior will have you feeling like you are dining in Greece! Best for large gatherings that reserve or big delivery orders for the whole family.

Achilles Greek Street Food

Open 24 hours, Achilles is a late delivery customer’s heaven. Perfect food after a late night studying, partying, or anything in between! Pork, chicken, and lamb cooked over charcoal gives incredible flavor to these street-style dishes.

Hellenic Souvlaki

Reviewers talk online of visiting this place multiple times in a day because they cannot get enough; some say it has the best lamb, chicken, and pork souvlaki in Fitzroy.

Lamb on Brunswick

Known for its creative dishes involving its namesake – lamb. This includes a local favorite of lamb-topped pizza. Delicious.


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