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Greek Restaurants in Collingwood

From Melbourne to Mykonos, Greek food in Collingwood is some of the most delicious and popular in the city! As with many European immigrant groups, waves of Grecian immigration pushed Hellenic food to rich and authentic heights within the cozy suburbs. The city is dotted with both cafes as well as sit-down restaurants that have delicious options like lamb gyro, chicken souvlaki, seafood moussaka, and more!

Keep reading to learn more about the origins of Greek restaurants in Collingwood, along with a nice brief on the most popular Greek dishes!


greek__3066_Jim's Greek Tavern

Jim's Greek Tavern

Greek, Mediterranean,

32 Johnston Street, Collingwood

  • Jim's Greek Tavern Phone number03 9419 3827

Mediterranean Dreams: History of Greek Restaurants in Collingwood

If there were three “inflection points” in Aussie history, one could point to the 1850s Gold Rush, post-WWII activity, and a healthy relaxation of immigration laws from the 50s to the 70s. At each one of these periods in time, Greek immigrants came over in waves to Melbourne suburbs like Collingwood, bringing with them generations of culinary wisdom from the Mediterranean!

Over time, Greek cafes served as milk bars and fish and chips spots, before evolving into their authentic versions today. Fortunately enough, modern Greek restaurants in Collingwood have the widest variety of dishes yet, some of which we’ll list below!


That’s My Moussaka! A Quick Breakdown of Popular Greek dishes in Collingwood

1. Moussaka

Many would argue that a forkful of moussaka is a bucket list must in life. Made with a potato or eggplant base with a meat base sandwiched in the middle, many Greek restaurants in Collingwood are known for seafood Moussaka with delicious scallop fillings. Highly recommended!

2. Gyros

Who doesn’t love seasoned sliced meat? Gyros with flatbread and special tzatziki sauce is a perfect weekend celebration meal. It is well balanced with the bread, amazing sauce brightens up every bite, and the braised meats serve as the heart of a dish. A perfect Greek-Aussie meal.

3. Souvlaki

Made with lemon juice, olive oil, and other delicious marinade ingredients, souvlaki is classic Greek kebab. Usually served with roasted mixed vegetables, those who love the street food experience will love getting souvlaki on the go!

4. Mediterranean Seafood

Because both Greece and Melbourne lie near big bodies of water, the seafood fusion between the two culinary cultures is unparalleled. If you are a seafood fan, ask about which classic Greek options come with a fillet or seafood option!

5. Keftedes

You love Italian meatballs? You’ll love keftedes – it’s the Greek take on meatballs. Absolutely delicious. ‘Nuff said.

6. Kritharaki

Special Greek orzo pasta – the perfect creamy pasta base for a variety of meats. Getting lamb served over kritharaki is absolutely sensational. Greek restaurants in Collingwood offer this as a rich alternative to traditional pasta.

The Grecian-Aussie Mindset: Picking the Perfect Greek Restaurant in Collingwood for You!

When it comes to Greek restaurants in Collingwood and nearby, we recommend you decide if you want a “street food” or dine-in experience. The price range can vary for the meal, so deciding what kind of day you are having in advance will help with your culinary decisions. Also check takeaway and delivery options – Greek food is great on the go!


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