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Greek Restaurants in Carlton

Braised and roasted lamb is one of Australia’s greatest delicacies – and no one quite does it like Greeks! Greek restaurants in Carlton have a deep rich cultural history and even richer flavors of cuisine. Having grown and evolved throughout the centuries, Greek cafes, milk bars, and restaurants dot the Melbourne suburbs, providing us all the yummy Souvlaki, yogurt, klefitiko we need. Have you ever wondered what goes into these delicious dishes? Keep reading!


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Lambs Restaurant


100 Lygon Street, Carlton

  • Lambs Restaurant Phone number03 9663 5636

Milk Cafes and Mykonos Delights: Origins of Greek Restaurants in Carlton

Present day, there are 400,000 Aussies with Greek ancestry, putting them, by population size, in the top ten of the nation’s ethnic groups. This makes sense, as their culinary history is deeply embedded into Melbourne’s palate. Greek restaurants in Carlton first opened in the latter half of the 19th century. While early shops focus on fish and chips, the Depression Era led to the creation of Hellenic milk bars, some of which still exist today. When Australian immigration laws relaxed to stimulate the economy post-WWII, Grecian food became a staple of many Aussie’s diets.


Souvlaki Sensations: A Primer on Popular Greek Dishes in Carlton

Sometimes, it is hard to pick exactly what to get and eat from a restaurant because no one has properly explained what goes into a cuisine’s most popular dishes. To fix that issue, QIKI cuisine provides a primer on the most popular dishes served at Greek restaurants in Carlton. That way, you’ll know what flavors to expect, giving you a chance to accurately grade the meal’s quality!


Seasoned with garlic, oregano, rosemary, and paprika and marinated with a mix of olive oil as well as lemon juice, souvlaki chicken is usually put on kebabs. The ones made with lamb are an absolute staple in Australia.


Kleftiko is made with lamb and potatoes slow-cooked with roasted vegetables. The slow roasting ensures the lamb gets fall-off-the-bone flavorful. Juicy and rich when cooked at its finest, we highly recommend trying kleftiko if you haven’t yet.


Essentially Greek meatballs, keftedes are little ground meat pieces of joy. Seasoned with fresh herbs, salt, and pepper these meatballs will stick out from any kind you’ve had before. Pork, lamb, and other red-meat options are available!

Mediterranean-style seafood

With islands like Mykonos and Cyprus being surrounded by ocean, the meditarranean diet developed incredible fillets and fried fish recipes. If you have a thing for fish and chips and crispy fillets, look into the seafood options at Greek restaurants in Carlton.


Also known as orzo, this dish serves as the base for a delicious braised meat or fried fish. With tomato and cheese included, Greeks show how to do pasta right with their national take on the meal.


Made with eggplant and potatoes as a base, some Greek restaurants in Carlton serve scallop moussaka – simply delicious. If not a fan of seafood, lamb options are available as well. The layers of potatoes and meats will make you wonder how they put together such a genius dish with every bite delicious.

A National Staple: Picking the Perfect Greek Restaurant in Carlton for You

To pick the best Greek restaurant in Carlton for you, we really recommend you look into the ingredients of each dish. Because they may have unfamiliar names, you might avoid a dish simply because it’s unfamiliar – when really it’s a version of lamb and potatoes you’ve been waiting all your life to try! Good luck and be kind to your Grecian neighbors – they produce some of the yummiest food on the planet.


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