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French Restaurants in Northcote

Just like in many parts of the world, France’s influence on Aussie culture far exceeds the population itself! While French Aussies number in the hundreds of thousands, their food is ubiquitous with Melbourne: pastries, bistros, and wine rooms. So many of these refined dining practices were borrowed from French culinary culture – including coffees, cafes, and an elegant experience on occasion. Thus, we found it prudent to provide a guide to the best French restaurants in Northcote suburb!


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The Arts is not the only part of life French culture has permeated. The French restaurants in Northcote borrow traditions from around the world, but maintain the regality and service you’d expect from a French bistro. The choices vary from braised meats of your choice to French Onion Soups, to pastry delights at French delis in Northcote!

We also recommend trying French-style coffee from the French restaurants in Northcote. In fact, a perfect day of French dining would be espresso by day, a nice red at night. French restaurants in Northcote are the perfect place to enjoy a delicious meal paired with the perfect wine.


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Here are some of the most popular dishes, served fresh at the French restaurants in Melbourne!

Seared Kangaroo

You may not expect it, but kangaroo is one of the most ethically-sourced meats in the world. Killed in the wild, this red meat dish comes perfectly seared in butter and aromatics, giving you an authentic French-Aussie experience!

White coffee with Gummy Bear Fruit French Toast

Found at the French cafes in Northcote, this white coffee has a light, sweet, nutty taste. When paired with their fresh-fruit French toast, you’ll be having happy mornings for days. Comes with sourdough or multigrain bread, as well as your choice of jam, vegemite, or peanut butter!

Milk Cake with Caramel

A mouthwatering desert, make sure to check the pastries available at the French restaurants in Northcote. This milk cake is formed from condensed milk, salt, and is frozen at the perfect temperature for ideal consistency. The Caramel is heated and then drizzled on top. If you are out for a treat, try this milk cake with caramel from a the local French restaurants in Northcote!


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