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French Restaurants in Carlton

It is amazing how French food has traveled around the world – especially in Australia. Despite a population of only ~100,000, French people’s impact on Melbourne’s culinary scene is undeniable. Because much of Australia’s modern population came over from Europe, the core Melbourne palate is, in essence, a metropolitan blend of various European national cuisines. Naturally, that has led to some of the best-tasting French restaurants being located right near the cozy Carlton suburb.


french__3053_La Spaghettata

La Spaghettata

Italian, Seafood, Crepes, Parma,

238 Lygon Street, Carlton

  • La Spaghettata Phone number03 9663 6102
  • La Spaghettata Email
french__3053_Mille and B Patisserie

Mille and B Patisserie

Bakery, Patisserie, Coffee and Tea, Crepes,

Shop 3, 28-44 Bouverie Street, Carlton

  • Mille and B Patisserie Phone number0437 826 731
  • Mille and B Patisserie Email
french__3053_Paris Go

Paris Go

European, French,

116 Rathdowne Street, Carlton

  • Paris Go Phone number03 9347 7507
  • Paris Go Email

A European Rendezvous: How French Cuisine Became so Popular in Melbourne

French food in Carlton goes all the way back to the 1850s – we’re not kidding! In 1858, the Café de Paris opened right near the suburb, paving the way for centuries of Parisian-Aussie cuisine. Imagine having a croissant and wine after a hard day out mining gold. Delicious. By the 1960s, French cuisine was at the point where Australians were writing entire cookbooks just about French food.

Nowadays, French cafes and high end restaurants can be found throughout Carlton and the city. Perfect for any meal of the day, French cuisine continues to have an enduring influence on Aussie tastes. Its cultural celebrations are recognized here as well – make sure to get out and party on Bastille Day!


Braised Meats & The Sweetest Wine: A Primer on Popular French Plates in Carlton

French food has some of the richest flavorful and greatest texture you will find in European dishes. Be on the lookout for the following foods and tips: it’ll make sure you can tell when you get quality French Food in Carlton!


Make sure croissants are so crispy they lightly flake. As soon as you smell it, there should be a delicious whiff of butter.

French Onion Soup

An absolute delicacy – make sure the soup is thick and has a deep, rich broth color. It should be made from beef bones to give it a truly authentic touch, so make sure to ask!


With the water right nearby, the French Seafood in Carlton is just amazing. We highly recommend trying any of it out if you are a seafoodie!

Marinated & Slow Cooked/Roasted Meats

French are famous for creating some of the richest, juiciest steak and potatoes dishes on the planet. The balances of the meat, potatoes, and veggies for these plates make it a universally-recognized perfect dish. The balance this meal has is ideal taste-wise and nutritionally.


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