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Richmond Dumpling Restaurants



Austrian, German

306 Bridge Road, Richmond, Richmond

  • BierKeller Phone number03 9429 6724
  • BierKeller Email address


Asian, Beverages, Fusion, Thai

65 Swan Street, Richmond

  • Botherambo Phone number03 9428 9730
  • Botherambo Email address
dumplings__3121_Dim Sum Depot

Dim Sum Depot

Chinese, Dumplings, Yum Cha

448 Bridge Road, Richmond, Richmond

  • Dim Sum Depot Phone number03 9429 9937
  • Dim Sum Depot Email address
dumplings__3121_Dum and Dumpling

Dum and Dumpling


Location Varie, Richmond

  • Dum and Dumpling Phone number0408 997 950
  • Dum and Dumpling Email address
dumplings__3121_Iris and the Secret Squirrel

Iris and the Secret Squirrel

Cafe Food, Asian, Coffee and Tea

223 Swan Street, Richmond, Richmond

  • Iris and the Secret Squirrel Phone number0452 514 497
  • Iris and the Secret Squirrel Email address
dumplings__3121_Kong BBQ

Kong BBQ

Korean, Japanese, Fusion

599 Church Street, Richmond

  • Kong BBQ Phone number03 9427 1307
  • Kong BBQ Email address
dumplings__3121_Loving Hut

Loving Hut

Healthy Food, Asian, Vegetarian

Shop 10, 242 Victoria Street, Richmond

  • Loving Hut Phone number03 9427 8916
  • Loving Hut Email address
dumplings__3121_Maeve Fox

Maeve Fox

Bar Food

472 Church Street, Richmond, Richmond

  • Maeve Fox Phone number0448 006 006
  • Maeve Fox Email address
dumplings__3121_Minh Tan 2

Minh Tan 2

Vietnamese, Chinese

190-192 Victoria Street, Richmond

  • Minh Tan 2 Phone number03 9427 7131, 0425 740 588
  • Minh Tan 2 Email address
dumplings__3121_Noda Grill

Noda Grill

Korean, BBQ, Asian

144 Bridge Road, Richmond, Richmond

  • Noda Grill Phone number(03) 8395 7736
  • Noda Grill Email address
dumplings__3121_Palm Sugar Royal Thai Cuisine

Palm Sugar Royal Thai Cuisine


282 Bridge Road, Richmond, Richmond

  • Palm Sugar Royal Thai Cuisine Phone number03 9427 8191
  • Palm Sugar Royal Thai Cuisine Email address
dumplings__3121_Saigonese Cuisine

Saigonese Cuisine

Chinese, Vietnamese

256 Bridge Road, Richmond, Richmond

  • Saigonese Cuisine Phone number03 9421 2829
  • Saigonese Cuisine Email address
dumplings__3121_The National Hotel

The National Hotel

Asian, Asian Fusion, Bar Food

340-344 Victoria Street, Richmond

  • The National Hotel Phone number03 9429 8811
  • The National Hotel Email address
dumplings__3121_The Seasoning House

The Seasoning House

Thai, Asian

246A Victoria Street, Richmond

  • The Seasoning House Phone number03 9972 4150
  • The Seasoning House Email address

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