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Preston Dumpling Restaurants

dumplings__3072_ABC Dumpling Chinese Kitchen

ABC Dumpling Chinese Kitchen

Chinese, Dumplings, Asian

419-423 Plenty Road, Preston

  • ABC Dumpling Chinese Kitchen Phone number03 9478 8033, 0416 587 265
  • ABC Dumpling Chinese Kitchen Email address
dumplings__3072_Basil House

Basil House

Thai, Vietnamese

461 High Street, Preston

  • Basil House Phone number03 9470 6636
  • Basil House Email address
dumplings__3072_Ben Ben Dumpling Kitchen

Ben Ben Dumpling Kitchen

Asian, Dumplings

South Preston Shopping Centre, 50 Plenty Road, Preston

  • Ben Ben Dumpling Kitchen Phone number03 9480 1888
  • Ben Ben Dumpling Kitchen Email address


Vietnamese, Pan Asian, Cafe Food

Shop 2, 4 Gilbert Road, Preston

  • Chumanchu Phone number03 9484 8686
  • Chumanchu Email address
dumplings__3072_Hao Vinh Vietnamese BBQ

Hao Vinh Vietnamese BBQ

Vietnamese, BBQ

481-483 High Street, Preston

  • Hao Vinh Vietnamese BBQ Phone number03 9471 3064
  • Hao Vinh Vietnamese BBQ Email address
dumplings__3072_Miss Fu Dumpling

Miss Fu Dumpling


Northland Shopping Centre, 50 Murray Road, Preston

  • Miss Fu Dumpling Phone number03 9471 8282
  • Miss Fu Dumpling Email address
dumplings__3072_Miss Zhou's Dumpling & Spicy Wok

Miss Zhou's Dumpling & Spicy Wok

Chinese, Dumplings, Asian

382 High Street, Preston

  • Miss Zhou's Dumpling & Spicy Wok Phone number03 9478 8008
  • Miss Zhou's Dumpling & Spicy Wok Email address
dumplings__3072_Noodle Kingdom

Noodle Kingdom


469 High Street, Preston

  • Noodle Kingdom Phone number03 9478 8885
  • Noodle Kingdom Email address
dumplings__3072_One Noodle Friendship

One Noodle Friendship

Asian, Chinese

417-419 High Street, Preston

  • One Noodle Friendship Phone number03 9478 4590
  • One Noodle Friendship Email address
dumplings__3072_Ping's Dumpling Kitchen

Ping's Dumpling Kitchen

Chinese, Dumplings

358 High Street, Preston

  • Ping's Dumpling Kitchen Phone number03 9478 8846
  • Ping's Dumpling Kitchen Email address


Japanese, Sushi

Northland Shopping Centre, 50 Murray Road, Preston

  • Yoyogi Phone number03 9470 2455
  • Yoyogi Email address

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