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Dumpling Restaurants in Melbourne

The Historic Chinatown in Melbourne pays homage to the generations of Chinese immigrants that have paved the way for their descendants to become full-fledged citizens. Officially part of the fabric of Australia’s cultural DNA, residents have adopted dumpling restaurants in Melbourne as a local food mascot. Steamed, roasted, and pan friend veggies make their way into a wholesome dumpling, wrapped together with your choice of meat. A wonderful way to get your protein and veggies for the day, many health-conscious Aussies have turned to dumpling restaurants in Melbourne for the perfect mid-afternoon and evening meal!


dumplings__3000_@t Ease - Easy Thai

@t Ease - Easy Thai

Asian, Thai,Thai,

195 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

  • @t Ease - Easy Thai Phone number03 9639 6492
  • @t Ease - Easy Thai Email address
dumplings__3000_ABC Chicken

ABC Chicken

Korean, Fried Chicken,

First Floor, 361 Queen Street, Melbourne

  • ABC Chicken Phone number03 9670 8881
  • ABC Chicken Email address


Asian, Vietnamese,

56 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne

  • Annam Phone number03 9654 6627
  • Annam Email
dumplings__3000_Bincho Boss

Bincho Boss


383-385 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne

  • Bincho Boss Phone number03 9670 7945
  • Bincho Boss Email
dumplings__3000_Chin Chin

Chin Chin

Thai,,Thai, Asian Fusion

125 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, CBD

  • Chin Chin Phone number03 8663 2000
  • Chin Chin Email

Dumplings restaurants are such a little big deal in Melbourne, it has turned the entire state into a global hotspot for incredible dumplings. In fact, dumpling restaurants are so beloved in Melbourne that locals have curated “Dumpling Walking Tours” that focus exclusively on getting a taste not only of the wonderful cities, but the delicious dumplings hidden in secret local favorites. We love these kinds of little activities because it encourages our citizens, even during COVID 19 to find ways to take walks safely and enjoy the green meadows, the banks of the Yarra, and the wonderful architecture of the city.


dumplings__3000_Cooking Corner

Cooking Corner

Chinese, Asian,

542 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne

  • Cooking Corner Phone number03 9602 2788
  • Cooking Corner Email
dumplings__3000_Crystal Jade

Crystal Jade

Chinese, Seafood,

154 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne

  • Crystal Jade Phone number03 9639 2633
  • Crystal Jade Email address
dumplings__3000_Din Tai Fung

Din Tai Fung

Taiwanese, Dumplings,

Emporium Melbourne, Level 4, 287 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

  • Din Tai Fung Phone number03 9654 1876
  • Din Tai Fung Email
dumplings__3000_Ginza Izakaya

Ginza Izakaya

Cafe Food, Japanese, Tea,

139 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne

  • Ginza Izakaya Phone number03 9663 1591
  • Ginza Izakaya Email
dumplings__3000_Goldie Asian Canteen + Brews

Goldie Asian Canteen + Brews

Coffee and Tea, Chinese,

The Novotel, Ground Floor, 399 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

  • Goldie Asian Canteen + Brews Phone number03 9929 8888
  • Goldie Asian Canteen + Brews Email address

If you want our personal favorite, we will have to blow up one spot: Shanghai Dumpling House on Tattersalls Lane. For special occasions like parties or birthdays, your whole group can order massive amounts of delicious dumplings for affordable prices. These dumpling restaurants in Melbourne can seem unassuming, but remember Australia has roots when it comes to top-shelf dumplings.


dumplings__3000_Gong De Lin

Gong De Lin

Asian, Chinese, Vegetarian,,Asian, Chinese, Vegetarian, Vegan

Level 3, 264 Swanston Street, Melbourne

  • Gong De Lin Phone number03 9663 7878
  • Gong De Lin Email


Korean, Korean BBQ,

19 McKillop Street, Melbourne

  • Guhng Phone number03 9041 2192
  • Guhng Email
dumplings__3000_Hawker Boys

Hawker Boys

Asian, Vietnamese,

85 Hardware Lane, Melbourne

  • Hawker Boys Phone number03 8590 4955
  • Hawker Boys Email
dumplings__3000_Hochi Mama

Hochi Mama

Fusion, Vietnamese, Asian,

11 Liverpool Street, Melbourne

  • Hochi Mama Phone number03 9078 2285
  • Hochi Mama Email
dumplings__3000_Momo Sukiyaki & Shabu Shabu

Momo Sukiyaki & Shabu Shabu


117 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne

  • Momo Sukiyaki & Shabu Shabu Phone number03 9663 0801
  • Momo Sukiyaki & Shabu Shabu Email address

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