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Dumpling Restaurants in Fitzroy

The vintage hipster neighbour of Melbourne, Fitzroy receives the vibrations from Melbourne’s Chinatown. As such, plenty of Chinese Australians have decided to settle down and call Fitzroy home, adding to its diverse, deep, and unique character. Fortunately for the rest of us, they brought one of their favorite dishes over through generations – delicious, steamy, mouth-melting dumplings. Like Melbourne, dumpling restaurants in Fitzroy are usually run by Chinese-Australian residents who have secret family recipes spanning back generations. To get a taste of the incredible dumpling dishes in Fitzroy is to get a more complete picture of the city’s special character. Let’s put it another way – we Aussies love our dumplings!


dumplings__3068_Houhai Dumpling House

Houhai Dumpling House

Asian, Chinese,

470 Queens Parade, Fitzroy North

  • Houhai Dumpling House Phone number03 9482 6555
dumplings__3065_Tora Dumplings

Tora Dumplings


295 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

  • Tora Dumplings Phone number03 9042 9823
  • Tora Dumplings Email
dumplings__3065_Fitz Curry Cafe

Fitz Curry Cafe


44 Johnston Street, Fitzroy

  • Fitz Curry Cafe Phone number03 9495 6119
  • Fitz Curry Cafe Email


Indian, Contemporary,

199 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy

  • ISH Phone number0420 214 855
  • ISH Email
dumplings__3065_Ichi Ni Nana Izakaya

Ichi Ni Nana Izakaya

Sushi, Japanese,

127 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

  • Ichi Ni Nana Izakaya Phone number03 9417 4127, 03 8419 1919
  • Ichi Ni Nana Izakaya Email

Because Fitzroy is celebrated for its openness of thought and multiculturality, dumpling restaurants have found an easy home in Fitzroy. Many local residents love to get an afternoon coffee and then hit their favorite dumpling place. Although we are slow to open our city up from COVID 19, that too will soon pass. As the capacity for dumpling restaurants slowly grows, the city hopes to see our favorite establishments fill up again! In the meantime, plenty of the dumpling restaurants in Fitzroy deliver hot, fresh takeout. With literally dozens of incredible dumpling places between Fitzroy and Melbourne, you will never have to wait more than a half hour for your delivery – unless everyone else gets the same idea 😉.

If we had to give our personal favorite dumpling restaurant in Fitzroy, we would recommend starting with Houhai Dumpling House on Queens Parade in Northern Fitzroy. They have dumpling combinations of pork and onion, beef and carrot, beef and Chinese broccoli… give us a second to stop thinking about food. This stuff is so steamy finger-licking delicious – they even have lamb, prawn, egg, and vegan dumpling options for specialty eaters. The establishment is well-presented with modern architecture, and the establishment does takeout, so we highly recommend it!


dumplings__3065_Madame K's Vegetarian

Madame K's Vegetarian

Thai, Vegetarian, Vegan,,Vegetarian

367 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

  • Madame K's Vegetarian Phone number03 9415 6099,0451 166 421
  • Madame K's Vegetarian Email
dumplings__3065_Noi Thai

Noi Thai

Asian, Thai,

205 Smith Street, Fitzroy

  • Noi Thai Phone number03 9042 3448
dumplings__3065_Rice Queen

Rice Queen

Asian, Chinese, Dumplings,,Japanese, Noodles,Asian

389 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

  • Rice Queen Phone number03 9419 6624
  • Rice Queen Email
dumplings__3065_Thai Thani

Thai Thani

Thai,,Thai, Noodles

293 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

  • Thai Thani Phone number03 9417 7416
dumplings__3065_Vegie Bar

Vegie Bar

Vegetarian, Vegan,,Vegetarian, Vegan, Pasta

380 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

  • Vegie Bar Phone number03 9417 6935
  • Vegie Bar Email

In fact, Houhai is not the only incredible dumpling restaurant in Northern Fitzroy – the entire area is known for its multicultural presentation of cuisines! However, like in the rest of Victoria, dumplings remain a staple and a favorite for local Aussies. It’s one of the best kept secrets, so checking out the various dumpling establishments in North Fitzroy is highly recommended.

If you stick around North Fitzroy after hitting your dumpling place, the culture of the area can keep you entertained for hours! There are street-art installations, antique shops, green belts and meadows, massage parlors, wine tasting rooms, bars, clubs… it may take more than a day to fit that all in 😊. There are also several walking tours, like the True Crime walking tour, along with well-known local bars to hit after your delicious dumplings!

We want to finish by reminding our readers that Fitzroy is like Melbourne’s sweet, funny, kind of silly cousin. Because so much of the dumpling restaurants in Fitzroy originated from Melbourne’s Chinatown, we recommend making a visit there, as well. If you are on a foodie road trip, you will get to see dumpling-making in its purest, rawest form! Fortunately, that means they are the most flavorful, delectable, affordable pieces of meat-and-veggie-filled goodness you will find on this side of the continent!


dumplings__3065_Yong Green Food

Yong Green Food

Asian, Vegan, Vegetarian,

421 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

  • Yong Green Food Phone number0451 166 421
  • Yong Green Food Email
dumplings__3068_Tramway Hotel

Tramway Hotel

Pub Food, Burger, Vegetarian,

165 Rae Street, Fitzroy North

  • Tramway Hotel Phone number(03) 9489 6100
  • Tramway Hotel Email

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