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Dumpling Restaurants in Collingwood

Many Aussies already know that like Italian, French, Greek, and other national cuisines before it, Collingwood’s Asian dumpling restaurants have their own special little place in our culinary scene. Along with roast lamb and meat pies, dumplings are a national staple – especially in Melbourne!

Below, we’ll talk about what makes a dumpling just so appetizing, explaining how our Aussie chefs prepare what is considered one of the tastiest foods on the planet.


dumplings__3066_Bowl Bowl Dumpling

Bowl Bowl Dumpling

Dumplings, Sichuan, Chinese,

88 Smith Street, Collingwood

  • Bowl Bowl Dumpling Phone number03 9417 7448
  • Bowl Bowl Dumpling Email
dumplings__3066_Chotto Motto

Chotto Motto


287 Wellington Street, Collingwood

  • Chotto Motto Phone number0466 054 911
  • Chotto Motto Email
dumplings__3066_Dumpling Dumpling

Dumpling Dumpling

Dumplings, Asian,

254 Smith Street, Collingwood

  • Dumpling Dumpling Phone number03 9417 6881
dumplings__3066_Goon BBQ

Goon BBQ

Korean, Korean BBQ,

270 Smith Street, Collingwood

  • Goon BBQ Phone number03 7016 3134
  • Goon BBQ Email
dumplings__3066_Lantern Lounge

Lantern Lounge

Asian, Fusion, Coffee and Tea,

108 Smith Street, Collingwood

  • Lantern Lounge Phone number03 9419 8048
  • Lantern Lounge Email

Origin of the Dumpling? What Makes Them So Delicious?

Originating in China, dumplings proliferated across Asia to where almost every Asian-Pacific nation has its own secret dumpling recipe! There are several ways to prepare dumplings, either deep fry in oil, steam, or pan fry. If you have a particular cooking preference, make sure to ask your local dumpling restaurant in Collingwood!

Dumplings are the genius creation made when flattened rice flour is laid out and rolled up to a perfect twist - with braised meats, cooked veggies, and soy sauce filling out the main taste profile. When bought from a good dumpling restaurant in Collingwood, dumplings have that effect in a meal where literally every single bite is simply delicious. If well-packed and properly cooked on the outside, these wrapped bundles of joy have become a favorite among Melbourne locals. Fortunately, with Chinatown only a few blocks Southwest, dumpling restaurants in Collingwood bring the same incredibly authentic dumpling flavor without all the hassle!


dumplings__3066_Shu Restaurant

Shu Restaurant

Asian, Chinese,

147 Johnston Street, Collingwood

  • Shu Restaurant Phone number03 9090 7878
  • Shu Restaurant Email


Vietnamese, Street Food, Asian Fusion,

194 Smith Street, Collingwood

  • Xeom Phone number03 9417 6969
  • Xeom Email

Endless Flavor: A Primer on the Variety of Dumplings/Dumpling Restaurants in Collingwood

Now remember – almost every major Asian-Pacific nation has its own variety of dumplings, but most dumpling restaurants in Collingwood are Chinese or Japanese. Traditional Chinese dumplings have perhaps broader cooking methods. You can boil them, steam them, or fry them to crispy perfection.

On the other hand, Japanese dumplings, sometimes called Gyoza, follow a similar flavor to Chinese dumplings (marinated meats, cooked veggies, soy sauce, garlic), but they have their own special cooking method to them, creating another completely distinct and delicious dish!

If you are trying to find the perfect dumpling restaurant in Collingwood, check out QIKI’s list of approved establishments!

We hope this post helps you in your search for the perfect takeaway places. QIKI cuisine’s partner establishments are quality-assured and produce some of the best dumplings in Collingwood – happy dumpling hunting!


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