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Dumpling Restaurants in Carlton

First there were meat pies. Then, there were dumplings. Australia is just funny like that! Over the past 50 years, any person who digs deeper than shallow stereotypes will be absolutely shocked at the quality of dumpling restaurants in Carlton. Bringing their family secrets over from China, Japan, and a host of Asian-Pacific countries, the dumpling dishes in Melbourne are succulent, delicious, and deeply satisfying. We joke, but they really are as much a national food at this point as meat pies: we would say have both at your next party.


dumplings__3054_Chin Chin's at Koto Moon

Chin Chin's at Koto Moon


647 Rathdowne Street, Carlton North

  • Chin Chin's at Koto Moon Phone number03 9349 4545
  • Chin Chin's at Koto Moon Email
dumplings__3053_10000WON Korean Fried Chicken 만원치킨

10000WON Korean Fried Chicken 만원치킨

Korean, Fried Chicken,

Ground Floor, 173 Lygon Street, Carlton

  • 10000WON Korean Fried Chicken 만원치킨 Phone number03 8597 8823
  • 10000WON Korean Fried Chicken 만원치킨 Email
dumplings__3053_Chinger Biang Biang Noodle

Chinger Biang Biang Noodle


74 Victoria Street, Carlton

  • Chinger Biang Biang Noodle Phone number03 9242 0478
dumplings__3053_Confucius Says...

Confucius Says...


118 Lygon Street, Carlton

  • Confucius Says... Phone number03 9077 0276
  • Confucius Says... Email
dumplings__3053_Dragonball Dumpling

Dragonball Dumpling

Chinese, Dumplings, Asian,

70 Victoria Street, Carlton

  • Dragonball Dumpling Phone number04 7757 1888

What Nationality Started the Craze? Dumpling Origins from across Asia

Originally from China, dumplings have adapted to Aussie palates. Now, almost every Asian-Pacific country, including Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Tibet, Taiwan, all have their own completely unique dumpling recipes. It’s good to know because while you may like dumplings from one restaurants it could be the secret recipe from a different Asian country is the dumpling you love.

Essentially a version of pot stickers, dumplings are popular because of how beautifully they pack such tender flavor. Mixing in hot, deliciously cooked veggies with a meat base like pork, chicken, or beef is universally, undeniably delicious. It’s as important an invention as the printing press, computer, and iPhone – arguably greater.


dumplings__3053_Dumpling & Chinese Cuisine

Dumpling & Chinese Cuisine

Asian, Chinese, Dumplings,

832 Swanston Street, Carlton

  • Dumpling & Chinese Cuisine Phone number03 9193 9915
dumplings__3053_Dumpling 88

Dumpling 88

Chinese, Vietnamese,

88 Grattan Street, Carlton

  • Dumpling 88 Phone number03 9347 7702
dumplings__3053_E Dumpling

E Dumpling


738 Swanston Street, Carlton

  • E Dumpling Phone number03 5500 5202
dumplings__3053_East Imperial Chinese

East Imperial Chinese

Asian, Chinese, Yum Cha,

323 Rathdowne Street, Carlton

  • East Imperial Chinese Phone number03 9347 3322
  • East Imperial Chinese Email
dumplings__3053_Shakahari Vegetarian

Shakahari Vegetarian

Vegetarian, Fusion, Asian,

203 Faraday Street, Carlton

  • Shakahari Vegetarian Phone number03 9347 3848
  • Shakahari Vegetarian Email

Endless Flavor: A Primer of the Variety of Dumplings in Carlton

More fun than its tidy presentation, dumplings are really known for how succulent and flavorful every bite can be. Soy sauce mixed with braised meats and veggies… what a dream! There are even Chinese restaurants in Carlton that have top-of-the-line veggie options.

If you are curious about the kinds of rich flavors to expect from dumplings, first remember that different dumpling restaurants in Carlton have different tastes. Packed with your choice of meat, cooked cabbage, mushrooms, soy sauce, ginger, garlic, the options for filling dumplings are endless. Some are even fried in sesame oil, giving them a wholly authentic and delicious consistency.


dumplings__3053_The Longing Flavour

The Longing Flavour


804 Swanston Street, Carlton

  • The Longing Flavour Phone number03 9347 7377, 0433 840 301
dumplings__3054_Happy Inn

Happy Inn

Asian, Chinese,

723 Nicholson Street, Carlton North

  • Happy Inn Phone number03 9380 8688
dumplings__3054_Pierogi Pierogi

Pierogi Pierogi

Polish, Dumplings,

Location Varies, Carlton North

  • Pierogi Pierogi Phone number0431 905 559
  • Pierogi Pierogi Email

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