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Chinese Restaurants in Fitzroy

Located near Melbourne, the edgier, more progressive Fitzroy has fully embraced Australia’s Chinese community. As a result of this welcoming, open-minded atmosphere, Chinese restaurants in Fitzroy have become a go-to meal for college students, young entrepreneurs, and big families alike! Since the 1970s, the Chinese-Australian community has, at long last, gained full acceptance into the country. Now, the region’s Chinatown is revered for being the oldest in the country, bringing a wealth of cultural insight to Australia as a whole.


chinese__3068_Houhai Dumpling House

Houhai Dumpling House

Asian, Chinese,

470 Queens Parade, Fitzroy North

  • Houhai Dumpling House Phone number03 9482 6555
chinese__3065_Tora Dumplings

Tora Dumplings


295 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

  • Tora Dumplings Phone number03 9042 9823
  • Tora Dumplings Email
chinese__3065_China Bar

China Bar

Chinese, Malaysian,

325 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

  • China Bar Phone number03 9415 8118
  • China Bar Email
chinese__3065_East Meets West

East Meets West

Chinese, Malaysian,,Vietnamese,Noodles

406 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

  • East Meets West Phone number03 9417 6880
chinese__3065_Rice Paper Scissors

Rice Paper Scissors

Asian, Chinese, Dumplings,

307 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

  • Rice Paper Scissors Phone number03 9486 0066
  • Rice Paper Scissors Email

Due to its proximity to Melbourne’s Chinatown, many Chinese immigrants settled in nearby Fitzroy, naturally spreading their incredible cuisines across the community. Located near Carlton and Fitzroy Gardens, one can understand why cities like Melbourne and Fitzroy consistently receive such high rankings on “Most Livable Cities” lists. It is simply wonderful to explore these verdant green belts and end up next to the Yarra River, providing wonderful, picturesque views. The scenes at these parks include students quietly studying, groups doing yoga, dogs running around with their owners, and families having picnics. If you are trying to find the perfect place to spend an afternoon or hitting Chinese restaurants in Fitzroy for dinner, we recommend these meadows and riverways: they will keep you calm and refreshed for the evening!

When your stomach begins rumbling, fear not - there are probably a dozen Chinese restaurants on Fitzroy’s main avenue, Brunswick street. These dining establishments present a traditional Chinese setup – gold characters with bold red backgrounds, but they don’t overdo the style that they come across as boring and dated. Instead, the dignified yet humble establishments serve as a special, treasured sign of valuable cultural blending.


chinese__3065_Rice Queen

Rice Queen

Asian, Chinese, Dumplings,,Japanese, Noodles,Asian

389 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

  • Rice Queen Phone number03 9419 6624
  • Rice Queen Email
chinese__3065_Simons Peking Duck

Simons Peking Duck

Asian, Chinese,

197 Smith Street, Fitzroy

  • Simons Peking Duck Phone number03 9939 9683
  • Simons Peking Duck Email
chinese__3065_Vegie Mum

Vegie Mum

Chinese, Malaysian,

72 Johnston Street, Fitzroy

  • Vegie Mum Phone number03 9417 6688
  • Vegie Mum Email
chinese__3065_Vinh Long 2

Vinh Long 2

Vietnamese, Chinese,

183 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

  • Vinh Long 2 Phone number03 9416 4832
chinese__3065_Xiamg BBQ Chinese Restaurant

Xiamg BBQ Chinese Restaurant

Chinese, Yum Cha, BBQ,

262 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

  • Xiamg BBQ Chinese Restaurant Phone number03 9078 1862

In fact, one of the most delicious takeout Chinese spots in Fitzroy is one of the more unassuming storefronts you will see: Simon’s Peking Duck. His famed namesake dish is a local favorite among the Fitzroy community, commenting that the Peking duck melts in your mouth to “crispy-freshness, succulent duck, awesome sauce, and thin tasty pancakes with just the right strength to hold the whole thing together.” The novel way this restaurant crisps its food and makes its secret sauce makes it one of the most savory Chinese takeout options in Fitzroy! Never discount the power of a local city’s best-kept takeout secret.

Other Chinese restaurants in Fitzroy take the “Street food” route, creating food specifically meant to eat quick and on-the-go. Establishments like Tora Dumplings display beautiful outdoor seating with greenery and bamboo sheathes protecting you from the sounds of the street and the heat of the sunshine. Their dumplings are a delight, so if you prefer a more casual, informal setting, we recommend a spot like Tora’s!

Overall, Fitzroy has the same incredible Chinese cultural enclaves that support the vitality of Melbourne’s Chinatown. With dozens more delicious options that direction, you never have to walk too far for a delectable Chinese meal in Fitzroy. If you are doing takeout, your options expand even further. Many restaurants have modified their dining and takeout options in response to COVID 19. Please let us know if you like Simon’s Peking Duck – we hear it is the most authentic Peking dish in Victoria!


chinese__3068_Asian Noodle Fitzroy

Asian Noodle Fitzroy

Chinese, Vietnamese,

25 Best Street, Fitzroy North

  • Asian Noodle Fitzroy Phone number03 9489 6466


Chinese, Malaysian,

320 St Georges Road, Fitzroy North

  • Malaymas Phone number03 9486 3202

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