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Springvale Cafes

cafes__3171_IKEA Springvale Restaurant & Café

IKEA Springvale Restaurant & Café

Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food,

Springvale Homemaker Centre, Ground Level, 917 Princes Highway, Springvale

  • IKEA Springvale Restaurant & Café Phone number03 8523 2154
  • IKEA Springvale Restaurant & Café Email address
cafes__3171_Cafe Dai Gia

Cafe Dai Gia

Coffee and Tea

1A Windsor Avenue, Springvale

  • Cafe Dai Gia Phone number0401 825 215
  • Cafe Dai Gia Email address
cafes__3171_Cafe Pk Phu Khanh Laser

Cafe Pk Phu Khanh Laser

Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food

46 Buckingham Avenue, Springvale

  • Cafe Pk Phu Khanh Laser Phone number03 9548 4136
  • Cafe Pk Phu Khanh Laser Email address
cafes__3171_Cafe Thu Thu

Cafe Thu Thu

Beverages, Cafe Food, Vietnamese

Springvale Central, Shop 5B, 268-274 Springvale Road, Springvale

  • Cafe Thu Thu Phone number03 9574 2332
  • Cafe Thu Thu Email address
cafes__3171_Cafe Vita et flores

Cafe Vita et flores

Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food

600 Princes Highway, Springvale

  • Cafe Vita et flores Phone number03 8558 8238
  • Cafe Vita et flores Email address
cafes__3171_Casita Coffee

Casita Coffee

Coffee and Tea

Springvale Homemaker Centre, Level 2, 917 Princes Highway, Springvale

  • Casita Coffee Phone number0433 419 683
  • Casita Coffee Email address
cafes__3171_Creatures of Habit

Creatures of Habit

Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food

Springvale Homemaker Centre, Ground Level, 917 Princes Highway, Springvale

  • Creatures of Habit Phone number03 9544 5235
  • Creatures of Habit Email address
cafes__3171_Gloria Jean's Coffees

Gloria Jean's Coffees

Cafe Food, Coffee and Tea

31A Buckingham Avenue, Springvale

  • Gloria Jean's Coffees Phone number03 9540 8883
  • Gloria Jean's Coffees Email address
cafes__3171_Itsy Bitsy Cafe

Itsy Bitsy Cafe

Vietnamese, Coffee and Tea

2/567 Springvale Road, Springvale

  • Itsy Bitsy Cafe Phone number0402 697 750, 03 9574 1564
  • Itsy Bitsy Cafe Email address
cafes__3171_Jeany In A Cup Cafe

Jeany In A Cup Cafe

Cafe Food, Coffee and Tea

792-806 Heatherton Road, Springvale

  • Jeany In A Cup Cafe Phone number03 8782 4825
  • Jeany In A Cup Cafe Email address
cafes__3171_Tailor Made Cafe

Tailor Made Cafe

Sandwich, Coffee and Tea, Cafe Food

118 Police Road, Springvale

  • Tailor Made Cafe Phone number03 9562 3828
  • Tailor Made Cafe Email address
cafes__3171_Thanh Nga Cafe

Thanh Nga Cafe

Coffee and Tea, Vietnamese

43 Buckingham Avenue, Springval, Springvale

  • Thanh Nga Cafe Phone number03 8522 1292
  • Thanh Nga Cafe Email address
cafes__3171_The Sunny Cafe

The Sunny Cafe

Asian, Taiwanese

6 Balmoral Avenue, Springvale

  • The Sunny Cafe Phone number03 9540 3804
  • The Sunny Cafe Email address
cafes__3171_UMPA Cafeteria

UMPA Cafeteria

Cafe Food, Coffee and Tea

25A Buckingham Avenue, Springvale

  • UMPA Cafeteria Phone number0426 998 270
  • UMPA Cafeteria Email address
cafes__3171_YOLO Coffee Cafe

YOLO Coffee Cafe

Coffee and Tea, Desserts, Cafe Food

29D Buckingham Avenue, Springvale

  • YOLO Coffee Cafe Phone number03 9547 7632
  • YOLO Coffee Cafe Email address

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